My New Garklein Recorder!

IM001172I’ve got a new addition to my collection of recorders— this one’s a garklein, the smallest size. Mine is a plastic Woodnote recorder I got from Ebay. (As you may guess, recorder playing is one of my Special Interests.)

Like the soprano and tenor recorders, the garklein is considered to be in the key of ‘C’, though it can play in other keys. I’m playing tunes I already know on the soprano & tenor recorders. The garklein is a bit more limited in range, though, but so far none of the songs I normally play is impossible to play on the garklein.

I made a YouTube video of me playing the garklein recorder— my first video with sound ever. Here it is:

The garklein is very shrill and some people say it makes dogs howl. My cats don’t mind it. Niki my old cat jumped in my lap twice while I was playing, and my 10 month old kitten Ender curled up on my shoulder while I was practicing.

The shrill sound can make practicing the garklein hard on the ears, so I wear earplugs. Enough sound comes through that I can hear it pretty well but my ears are protected. I suppose if I play for other people I should be in a large room or outdoors, or else pass out the earplugs— hey, they do that at my brother’s non-denominational church which has LOUD music.

The song I’m playing in the video is ‘Immaculate Mary’, also known as Lourdes Hymn. I first heard it in the movie ‘Song of Bernadette’. Here are the notes in case some other recorder person wants to play it. (It can be played on garklein, soprano or tenor recorder.)

Imacculate Mary

3 thoughts on “My New Garklein Recorder!

  1. Nice! Your new motto: “I’ve got a garklein and I’m not afraid to use it!”

    Have you thought of using Audacity or the like to put together polyphonic recordings of you on the different instruments?

  2. I don’t know from ‘Audacity’ and I’m not all that sure about ‘polyphonic’. But I had been thinking of recording myself playing the recorder and then making a recording of me playing the harmony part along with myself. I’ve always wanted to try to play a duet but there’s always ever only the one of me.

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