Goals Bloghop: Winter, Kittens and Despair

Do You Have Goals bannerThis is a post for the ‘Do You Have Goals’ bloghop.

Goals. This is the day I’m supposed to talk about my writing goals and pretend I’m making progress toward them. Or some such. But this is not a good time for that.

You see, there’s winter. Which we wouldn’t have right now if they had listened to my advice and barbequed the groundhog for a Superbowl snack.

And then there’s the kitten thing. My favorite kitten, Therese, died recently. Not a big surprise, she was a dwarf kitten with loads of health problems. But it’s harder to get used to her being gone since I’m so used to checking on her constantly to make sure she was safe and well-fed.

IM001106And then there are my current health problems including hurting my back bad enough that for several days I was counting the minutes until I could take another dose of aspirin.

I have enough writing problems when I don’t have all these other things bringing me down. Talking about my goals would just make me wonder: what’s the point? I mean, I always used to think becoming a published novelist would be a way to stay off government handout programs, but now I’m on disability and Medicaid and food stamps and I’m pretty well trapped. And after so many writing failures I don’t much want to think about the odds of my overcoming my writing blocks to become a productive, commercially viable writer.

So I shall think about something else instead. Like: Jews! Why, in fantasy fiction, are there fantasy-world religions that are really Christianity (both by Christian and anti-Christian writers), and religions that are really Wicca/paganism, and religions that are really Satanic/Antichrist religions, but no fantasy world Jews. Couldn’t Shmuel slay dragons just as well as Erick the Untidy?

Or: recorders. Fantasy worlds are big on harps, lutes and gitterns (faux guitars, is my guess), but never recorders. And, hey, how about this? Recorders are made of wood. Magic wands are made of wood. How about recorders that work as magic wands? But only if you play the right tunes, Or recorders that summon dragons— why not? When I practiced my new garklein recorder for the first time, it summoned two of my cats right into my lap. And most dragons I know have cat-like qualities. Well, at least Vern does. And Bridger. And Bridger’s sister….

I think I am definitely cheering myself up slightly. Perhaps I really shall write a fantasy tale, about the time Shmuel Ragan defied the king’s law and hired three musicians to play music for his daughter Tziporah’s wedding. And one of them was the Whistling girl, who could summon dragons when she played her garklein recorder, whether she wanted them or not. And how the king’s Heraldic Knights burst in on the wedding reception and carried the three musicians off to the capital…..

Perhaps I shall. Or not. But I think it’s good for my mental health to believe that I shall. In spite of evidence to the contrary.

6 thoughts on “Goals Bloghop: Winter, Kittens and Despair

  1. Recorders are crap and maybe enough Jewish people aren’t writing fantasy and sci-fi. I’m not sure, it’s not anything I’ve thought of before. I too, would love to be a published novelist, and not a drain on society, but here I am on various benefits and scared about trying to get a part time job. You’re not alone, but it isn’t all hopeless, and you’re certainly not trapped for good.
    I’m very sorry about the kitten though.

  2. No, Anxiousgeek, recorders are not crap. Crap is crap. Sometimes life is crap. Things that make music happen are the anti-crap. In my opinion, anyway. šŸ˜‰

  3. OK that made me laugh. But now I’m going to put on my stern face and wag my finger at you. Your goal for 2014 is to finish 2 fictional works. I’ll repeat your goal: FINISH TWO FICTIONAL WORKS. Already you’re leaping ahead to the holy grail of publication and becoming a commercially viable writer. Well, one day that might all happen. But your first goal is to FINISH TWO FICTIONAL WORKS.

    Now repeat after me, “My first goal is to…”

  4. Sounds like some interesting ideas rolling around in your troubled mind.
    “How about recorders that work as magic wands?” – I feel like I’ve read or seen an animated movie along those lines, but I can’t recall what it was.
    The lack of Jews in fantasy… that is a good question!

  5. I remember a story by Harry Turtledove (but, alas, not the title; I think it was in Asimov’s) in which humans visit a planet where there’s a majority population that oppresses a minority population because, centuries earlier, some members of the minority population were accused of killing a religious leader of the majority population. The minority population regarded the oppression as a force for their own evolution. D’oh! moment when I got what he was really talking about.

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