A Very Resistable Force meets a Immovable Duckly Object


I’ve been getting my gardening-and-poultry house in order, late as it is, and that involves a lot of moving of poultry pens and the poultry that lives there.

My current project is to move my 3 Ancona ducks (rare breed) from the large pen into a smaller pen. Only there’s one problem. One of my ducks went broody, built a nest and is sitting on it rather fiercely.

And my best duck book says that unlike chicken hens, broody ducks CANNOT be moved or they will quit brooding. And I want my ducks to hatch out some of their own eggs!

I can’t keep the ducks in the bigger pen, because I need that to move my plowing poultry into now that they are done clearing some garden space for me.

So— the drake (boy ‘duck’) and the non-broody duck will go into the new pen, and I will take my old, tiny pen and drop it over the duck and her nest, and hope that works out.

The broody duck, by the way, doesn’t have a name yet. But if she brings off the hatch, I’ll give her a name and an extra leg band so I’ll know who she is. My named poultry currently is down to one, a turkey named Imelda. Other named poultry from my past included geese Albert and Victoria, tom turkey Corinthos, and my original chickens, Henry the rooster and his many wives named Catherine.

So, I’m open to suggestions on duck names. Got any?

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