Author Blogs that Connect Only With Author Blogs

Umberto and Charybdis nap on towel

Umberto and Charybdis nap on towel

OK, you’re an author, or an aspiring author, and you have a blog about that. You want your blog to be read. What do you do?

You have to start connecting with other blogs— which means reading a selection of other blogs, commenting on them, and following blogs. One way of finding blogs to do that with is to join blog hops. Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh, of the Insecure Writers Support Group blog hop, is said to comment on thousands of blogs a day.

But there is one little problem— that’s when we as author-bloggers connect mainly with other author bloggers, and participate only in writing-related blog hops. We may connect with author-bloggers across the spectrum or within our own genre communities. And so we are promoting ourselves and our books only to other authors who have their own books to promote. It’s like a salesman giving his sales pitch only to other salesmen.

We need to find non-author blogs to comment on, to make connections with real people. But not just any non-author blogs. You need to get the low-hanging fruit first, and find blogs that connect to the kind of person you are and to what you write.

What do I mean? There are blogs about your various interests, whatever they are, ones that share your beliefs on faith and politics, ones that you just find to be fun. And there are blogs about stuff that bores or appalls you, insults your beliefs on faith and politics, and that you just don’t like. Find the blogs in the first group to comment on.

What to looking for is not the top blogs with many comments on each post, but the lonelier blogs that are grateful to get a comment every now and again. That is where your comments will have more of an impact.

So— the blog search begins. I’ve already found 3 interesting blogs to follow on a list of Catholic blogs. I wish my readers success in finding their own new categories of blogs to follow.





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