Must We All Worship the Anti-Baby Pill?


My cat Cheney, who never used birth control in her life.

I find it kind of tiresome how some folks are now demanding that we all regard birth control pills as a purely good thing with no drawbacks and no legit reason for anyone to object to them.

When I was in Germany during my college years I learned they were called the ‘Anti-Baby Pill’ over there. Which is kind of appropriate because advocates for that Pill certainly seem to have an anti-baby mindset.

An interesting fact: about the time the Anti-Baby Pill came along, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) issued a bulletin to redefine the term “conception.” That bulletin stated that conception should be understood to mean “the implantation of a fertilized ovum.” OK, now conception means implantation? All because the Anti-Baby Pill sometimes works by causing a newly conceived baby to be unable to implant in the uterus, which causes the baby’s death.

The fact that they actually tried to change the meaning of the word ‘conception’ so that the Anti-Baby Pill could be considered a contraceptive rather than an abortifacient (abortion-causing) pill makes me feel I’ve been lied to. But I’ve gotten used to that feeling over the years.

Some readers of this blog may know that I am a former feminist. Did you know that at one time feminists were allowed to object to the Anti-Baby Pill (and the IUD)? The reason was that the Anti-Baby Pill was killing women and causing them harm. They had to drop the dose of hormones in the pills to make them safe enough to keep on the market.

They have shut up the feminists who once objected to the pill. But still from time to time you can see television commercials from shyster lawyers looking for women who’ve taken one Anti-Baby Pill or another and suffered harm or death from it. (I wonder what would happen if someone called their hotline and said ‘yes, I took that pill and it killed me dead!’)

There actually is a healthy natural alternative to the Anti-Baby Pill and it would be highly popular among natural health fans except for the fact that Catholics like it. It’s called Natural Family Planning or NFP, and though it takes a bit of trouble to be properly trained in it, research shows that the method can be as effective as the Anti-Baby Pill. Without all the deadly side effects.

This is NFP Awareness Week.  I hope I’ve made you more aware. Or at least enchanted you with the cat picture. 😉

A good graphic to spread all over the internet this week.

A good graphic to spread all over the internet this week.

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