Creating ‘Book Covers’ for Wattpad Stories


Cover #1

On Wattpad, you are asked to provide a cover for your stories/articles/novels. This is easy if you are posting already-published material for which you’ve already obtained a cover. But what I’m doing over at Wattpad is posting a few poems and articles (my better blog posts), and currently a serialized short story. So I have to create covers.

For ‘Death Untimely’, I made 3 different covers with pictures I took myself. I went to to get them to the recommended size of 512×800.

Cover #2

Cover #2

I had no plan to create a great artistic cover. Just something that wasn’t too bad. I mean, even novelists who are published by The Big Boys sometimes qwetch about their book covers. And for a little short story I’m making available for free— well, I’m not going to spend money to buy a cover for that. Not when I don’t have any money.

Cover #3

Cover #3

So, what do you think of my three covers? Which do you think I should use? Vote in the comments below. Voting ends this coming Saturday. The story involved is available here:


Are you on Wattpad? I’d love to follow you there. My account is at I follow back whenever I can. I particularly love finding new Wattpad friends who write Christian fiction (Catholic, Evangelical, LDS or other), especially in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. I also like experimental or minimalist poetry. But I’m willing to try other things for my virtual friends.


Did you know: Baen Books is now on Wattpad with free books?

2 thoughts on “Creating ‘Book Covers’ for Wattpad Stories

  1. I think any of these could work. Without having read the whole story (which might make one or the other thematically more appropriate), I’d say the two green ones are visually stronger; I prefer the one with the road (death = the end of the road). But I would recommend stronger typography, so that the title will show up well at thumbnail size. You’ll find lots of great, free fonts on

    Kudos on this new venture!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. The website I use to make the covers has some limitation on the fonts and I can’t always get it the size I want, but I’m learning. (Now you’ve made me want to go and make several new versions of the covers with improved fonts but I’ll have to hold myself back. When I publish the story as a book/e-book, then I’ll make an upgraded cover.)

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