NEW! Saturday Spec-Fic Snippet blog hop hosted here! #specficsnippet

Kitten Umberto making her first escape from the kitten box

Kitten Umberto making her first escape from the kitten box

For some time now I’ve thought of hosting a regular blog hop here at My Antimatter Life. Inspired by Poets United’s weekly Poetry Pantry, which is on Sundays, and by Weekend Writing Warriors which is also Sundays, the new blog hop is aimed at authors of ‘speculative fiction’— science fiction, fantasy, horror, maybe techno-thrillers. We welcome Christian authors in these categories, and conservative/libertarian authors, though we don’t limit it to these authors. We don’t allow erotica or ‘erotic romance’ or sex fiction on moral and child-friendliness grounds.

Rules: Write a blog post containing 8 to 12 lines from your work of speculative fiction. The snippet should be at the start of the post, though you may put a picture of your choice at the top of the post. At the end of your snippet, you may provide a link for readers who want more— perhaps on Wattpad you can post the whole chapter. Please, if your work contains any hard-core swear words (f-word, s-word) please remove them from your snippet.

Put the link TO THAT POST in the Inlinkz list below— in other words, you have to write your post, THEN join.

ON SATURDAY, please visit 7 of the other people on the link list and make a friendly comment about their work. (If Saturday is your Sabbath, you can visit on Friday and/or Sunday.)

If you are on Twitter, tweet your own post and perhaps 2-3 others you like. Use the hashtag #specficsnippet.

If this works out, it may turn out to be a weekly thing. Maybe. Or monthly?

The Link list is open NOW. It will close late on Saturday, Aug. 2.

get the InLinkz code



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