Death Untimely: Saturday Spec-Fic Snippet blog hop

Cover #3

Cover #3

Rap! Rap! Rap!

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” said a weary young voice. “You don’t need to knock down the Pearly Gates.”

The massive gates creaked open, and Sarah knew she should be at least a little nervous, but she was too angry for that. She’d been cheated.

Sarah pushed through the gates before they were more than halfway through, bowling over the young man opening them. He was short and dark eyed, and his appearance shifted— sometimes he looked like a mere child and sometimes like a man of twenty. Sarah hadn’t been dead long enough to learn that was a common look in those who died young.

“OK, I’m in,” she said. “Where do I find someone in charge to speak to?”

“Well, I’m, I’m manning the gate right now, I’m Rafe— Rafael for long—”


Read more on Wattpad:

This is my ‘serialized’ story on Wattpad. To see alternate covers, and vote for your favorite in the comments, view:

It’s a fantasy story (and so don’t expect 100% theological accuracy), and, be warned, it gets kind of Catholic in later sections. It’s kind of a ‘lite’ story, it was intended to be short enough to be part of a blog post, but it got a little longer in the writing.

This is my post for the first-ever Saturday Spec-Fic Snippet blog hop, and I hope that we’ll have a few participants other than me this time.  Why am I posting this when it isn’t Saturday yet? Well, the blog hopping will be Saturday, but the posts have to be written earlier to get them into the link list. Except for the people joining up at the last minute on Saturday.

If you want to join the blog hop, here is the post with the rules: Please read the rules before participating!

Here is the link code:

get the InLinkz code

UPDATE: Saturday morning, and we only have 2 participants counting me. So I commented on the other blog, tweeted the post and mine using #specficsnippet, and hope for the best. Going to check later on for last minute participants, and do more tweets. I have some questions for participants and potential participants of this very new blog hop:

Do you think the blog hop should be weekly, monthly— or perhaps monthly for now and weekly later?

Do you think tweeting the other participant’s blog posts is a good practice for the blog hop?

Do you think we should have a logo or graphic? What should it look like?

(I already know that the InLinkz is not as nice as the ‘linky’, but that one now costs money which I don’t have. I’d prefer one that puts a list of participants on the page, if I could find a free one.)

2 thoughts on “Death Untimely: Saturday Spec-Fic Snippet blog hop

  1. “Sarah hadn’t been dead long enough to learn that was a common look in those who died young.” — this was my favorite line. Very intriguing!

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