Asperger Syndrome and Blog Commenting Anxiety

IM001173As a person with Asperger Syndrome my blog is my safe place in the wilds of the internet. I can post what I like, and if people want to bully me, harass me or insult me in the comments section, I just won’t approve their comments.

But I want my blog to be read. And so I participate in blog hops, which requires me to do something scary— comment on the blogs of strangers.

My Asperger Syndrome makes it very difficult to initiate contact with other human beings. I have a deep-seated fear I will just annoy them. My life experiences have shown me that no one is eager to be my friend, or even to communicate with me when it’s in their interest to do so. And commenting on a strange blog is a form of initiating contact.

Initiating contact is so much harder when you are afraid everyone will respond with hostility or indifference because you are a weird Aspie and don’t function like normal people. The tendency is to withdraw from others so you won’t be hurt any more. But I have to force myself to take the risk because I want the blog to succeed.

Before yesterday’s IWSG blog hop, I had been trying to comment on 3 blogs a day— often blogs I knew already. Yesterday, I made a total of 17 comments, nearly all on blogs I’ve never seen before.

The interesting thing is this— when you are making mass numbers of blog comments, it’s a bit easier than when you are only doing a tiny number. So I’m planning to continue down the IWSG list today, and make 10-12 comments today.

Will any of the people whose blogs I comment on rush out to read my blog? Probably not. But some may come to comment once in return. And in the technological magic that is the internet, perhaps that raises my blog’s profile. I don’t know.

My goal is to find some people who enjoy reading the sort of things I write about. Is that possible when I’m a weird Aspie who doesn’t write like a normal person? I don’t know. But maybe someone will come here for the kitten pictures and get hooked.

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Question: Do you find commenting on new blogs easy or stressful? How many blogs do you comment on during a typical day? How many blogs do you think you SHOULD comment on?


8 thoughts on “Asperger Syndrome and Blog Commenting Anxiety

  1. Most writers are quirky/weird. I doubt we’ll notice anything out of the ordinary. šŸ™‚ I often have anxiety issues, so have some of the same fears. I’ve gotten a lot better though. Great to meet you, Nissa. Glad you stopped by my blog.

  2. Mary is right. Most writers are unique, each in their own way. And should someone respond poorly, it says more of them than you. More the pity for them. The jackals bark, but the lioness walks on. Each blog visited and commented upon holds the possibility of making a new, wonderful friend. Best of luck with your commenting more. šŸ™‚

  3. I have anxiety too about commenting on other people’s blogs. Most of the time I want to say something but I don’t know what to say. Then once I write something I usually think it’s pretty dumb, but I post it anyway because I can’t think of anything better.
    I’ve never really set a goal of how many comments I should make a day. I just comment when I feel compelled to and hope for the best. šŸ™‚

  4. Hello Nissa. I am delighted to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comment on romance writing. Don’t refer to yourself as a ‘ weird aspie’. You sound like a very nice person. Bloggers are all very different people, but most like to interact with others. Because the blogosphere is so big, you have to work very hard to get known, and to get followers. Keep at it.

    Denise šŸ™‚

  5. I always enjoy visiting your blog & seeing how you’re going with your writing, and so on. But yes, kitten pictures totally help to hook me in. šŸ˜‰

  6. That’s actually the best way to get yourself and your blog out there. Most of us in the blogsphere, and especially within the writing community, are welcoming. Enjoy your visits šŸ™‚

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