Playing the Furulya – Hungarian Folk Flute


Today I did a video demonstrating my furulya, which is a kind of Hungarian folk flute. I got it on Ebay from my favorite seller, ‘hollaja’, also the source of my best garklein recorder. (They also have soprano and sopranino recorders at very reasonable prices.)

The furulya is pretty much the same as a pennywhistle or tinwhistle, and you can use the same fingering charts. My furulya is in the key of C. Here is a page with fingering charts for C and D tinwhistles.

Since they don’t sell tinwhistle books for C tinwhistles, I’ve been using my recorder methods as a source of tunes for learning the furulya. I’m also thinking of learning to play the famous ‘Hungarian suicide song’ Gloomy Sunday on the furulya, though I’m learning it on recorder first since I have a few decades more experience on the recorder.

The whole furulya thing is kind of a distraction from my Garklein Recorder Project, in which I’m playing the tunes from my favorite recorder method on a garklein (very tiny) recorder on YouTube videos. I’m still working on that and have recently done 2 new videos for it.

Getting involved in playing folk music feeds my creative side, which also helps boost my writing creativity. Also it gives me ideas for including folk music in my worldbuilding.


2 thoughts on “Playing the Furulya – Hungarian Folk Flute

  1. Yes, that’s the frustrating thing, the majority of ‘furulya’ articles are about recorders, only a few about the furulya which is essentially like a tinwhistle. I’ve seen that forum post before. I really want to get one of those double furulyas some time.

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