Garklein Recorder Project: The Little Bridge (21)

Here is the latest video from the Garklein Recorder Project, song #21 from Mario Duchesnes Method for the Recorder, The Little Bridge. I am not familiar with this song and don’t know if it is a folk song. If it is, I couldn’t find anything on Google under that title.

This is the third of the ‘real songs’ in the book. The other numbered items were practice exercises to learn the first few notes on the recorder and so I’ve omitted them. The recorder used is my Windsong rosewood garklein recorder.

I’ve added a page on this blog specifically for the recorder and furulya. I’ve listed the videos currently available in the Garklein Recorder Project with links to the YouTube video, and will be adding links to blog posts for that particular song. (For a couple of future songs from the book which are German folk songs I recognize, I’m planning on putting up information on the songs including the lyrics in the original German.)

If you are a person interested in learning to play the garklein recorder (or the soprano or tenor recorder, which are also in the key of C), get yourself a recorder and a copy of the recorder method (check to make sure it’s the edition for soprano/tenor recorders, and that it’s Part 1 and not Part 2), watch the videos, and learn along. If you are a homeschooling mom, you can learn along with your kids as part of your music education. If you have any questions about the garklein recorder, the recorder in general, or the Garklein Recorder Project, just ask, I’ll be glad to answer.



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