Writing As ‘Creating Product’

Do You Have Goals bannerThis is a post for the Do You Have Goals/The Five Year Project blog hop.

My goal for the purposes of this blog hop is ‘finish and publish a novel or two.’  One of the things I’ve been doing to meet my goal is that I’ve been reading up on self-publishing. Most recently I’ve read Write. Publish. Repeat. and one thing that caught my attention was the focus on self-publishing as a business.

I think I’ve begun to think of it like farming. The farmer plants crops, tends them, and then sells them. When I write I am planting my crop. Revisions/proofreading means I am tending the crop. When the crop has matured I am ready to put it up for sale.

A moody farmer who plants only when his farming ‘muse’ inspires him would not be able to produce enough product consistently to create a survivable income. In the same way, if I write only when I feel inspired and artistic, I will not produce enough product to have much of a writing career.

At this point, the main ‘product’ I have is my poetry, which I’ve been writing since 1988. I have self-published a little, but since I was print-only and had no e-book version, it didn’t sell well.

Today I’ve been working on a poetry ‘chapbook’— twenty-four poems to be published as a free e-book, and perhaps as a cheap printed booklet if I can work that out. The chapbook is called surly petunia, which is the title of a poem in the collection.

Using Scrivener, I’ve ‘compiled’ surly petunia as an e-book. This is only a ‘first draft’ and I have a few things to correct. But I should be able to have it published as an e-book in about a week.

Other projects in the pipeline are a revised, expanded edition of my first full-length poetry book, ‘Where the Opium Cactus Grows’.  A second poetry volume, ‘Waiting for the Poison Shot’, is also planned. And there is a science fiction serialized story in 9 parts I’m working on.

Right now I’m feeling good about these projects. They seem pretty doable. Check back next month to see how far I’ve come.

Read some poems: https://myantimatterlife.wordpress.com/category/writing/poetry/

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5 thoughts on “Writing As ‘Creating Product’

  1. What a great way to think about it. The creative process often seems so far removed from the hard business world, that a lot of writers struggle to link the two. Many writers view marketing as evil, or making money as dirty and ‘selling out’. But why not be rewarded for something you’ve worked so hard on.

    Congratulations on the upcoming books, and good luck with your future launches.

  2. I use Scrivener as well. I have been thinking of publishing something that is going to stay permanently free, as well. Perhaps some of my short stories from the Chrysalis experiment I participated in back in 2012 (or was it 2011?). Perhaps my novella that shouldn’t be far off being publishable. I’ll be curious to know how you go, and what your release looks like after being created on Scrivener. Did you get to put a cover on it using Scrivener?

  3. Yes, Trisha, there is a way to put the cover on it using Scrivener. I compiled it in epub form 8 times before I got it how I wanted it, but it uploaded to Smashwords just fine and then I found out that I could upload the epub version to Kindle Direct Publishing as well.

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