Re-imagining this blog

For a number of reasons, I am going to change this blog around in every way it can be changed. It is still going to be a blog-about-everything with multiple topics, but some things must go.

  • Personal information. A stray stalker has reminded me that there are lots of hostile people out there. I have to choose between sharing some of this personal stuff, and speaking freely about a number of issues dear to my heart. I’ve decided to stop sharing certain things.
  • My old name. Now I go by ‘nissa_loves_cats’ on this blog, ‘Morgan Q’ on my pro-marriage page, and Inae Kyo elsewhere.
  • Writer-blog focus. Writer-blogs are a dime-a-dozen these days, and attract ‘readers’ from other writer-blogs from genres I don’t even read (romance) or approve of (porn-erotica), who want me to buy their book.
  • Readers. I used to obsess over getting more-and-more-and-more readers. Now I shall obsess only over finding the right readers— the ones who can connect with what I have to say for the right reasons.

There are going to be some things added:

  • Politics. Why not? Politics touches all of our lives. And though people think I should keep quiet unless I’m willing to express the left-wing party line, well, nuts to them!
  • Books. I am an obsessive reader of certain books and authors. I think I will talk about them more often.
  • Religion. Because atheists are demanding that everyone shut up about their religion in public. Unless their religion is atheism.
  • Explicit, uncensored chastity/celibacy. The one lifestyle that is not socially acceptable these days.
  • Same-sex attraction. It’s a part of my life. I’m not going to be afraid to mention it, even though it offends liberals mightily since I don’t follow their agenda in dealing with the same-sex attraction.

It is going to take some time to switch this blog over. I have to go through my old posts to see if anything needs to be deleted because it contains things I no longer want online. Sadly, that means in some cases friendly and supportive comments will go as well.

If you really like this blog, and suspect you will continue to like it after the planned changes, please do me a favor. Go to and ‘like’ that page. Then you can be kept up to date on certain OTHER planned changes for this blog.

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