socks are underwear, after all!

socks are underwear, after all!

eating spaghetti with a cattle prod
the small byzantine child asks
mother may i keep this fish head
it followed me home

& the mother
a neophyte carpet prostitute, says
yes, but only if you
drink your opium
all gone

(c) 1990 Nissa Annakindt

Shared on Poets United‘s Poetry Pantry #256

Back in the day when I and this poem were a lot younger, absurd poems came much easier to me. These days I have to work to be that weird. Back when I first started writing poetry seriously, I submitted a lot of poems to various poetry markets, and was published. This particular poem was published in HEATHENzine’s Aug/Sept 1990 edition.

For a number of years I didn’t submit poems, but I’m starting again. I’m planning to submit a group of poems to Scifikuest, which publishes science fiction and horror themed haiku, sijo and other minimalist forms.

Have you ever submitted poems to a magazine? It’s a good idea to try, I think. Not the big high-level markets like Poetry magazine, but the smaller ones that are more open to beginning and not-yet-published poets. I get a copy of the annual book Poet’s Market every few years. I then check out the web site for each magazine I’m considering submitting to. Sometimes their requirements change or they are not open for submissions during some months.

Poets— do you read poetry books? And do you review them on and/or Goodreads?

It ought to be a given— if you write poetry, you should read the work of other poets, and not just online. Not enough people buy poetry books these days, or read them from libraries. But how can we expect our own poetry to be valued when we don’t show that we value other poet’s work by reading their books?

In the modern world, any poet can self-publish a poetry book or chapbook using CreateSpace, Lulu, Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing, and other resources, and you don’t have to pay. But in order to get the books read, poets need to have their book reviewed at places like or Goodreads, and on people’s blogs. There is a group over at Goodreads that helps with that. It’s called Poetry Readers Challenge and group members have a goal of reading and reviewing 20 poetry books a year. I joined the group myself, and hope others will do the same.

And that’s My Poetic Life for this Sunday. How is your own poetic life going?

15 thoughts on “socks are underwear, after all!

  1. I agree that we should support each other in our various arts. Many poets are also photographers and there is much inspiration.
    I do submit to several magazines each year – it’s fun for the challenge and to see what I can produce from a given theme. And I love seeing what others have created from the same starting point.
    I love the quirky unhinged poems cant write them (at least not often) and mine end up as prose.

    Thanks for sharing this …

  2. At some point I was thinking of a prostitution undertone here.

    I review books at goodreads (just started) but not poetry books though.

  3. I like your weird poem! Yes I do submit, but these days mostly online; and do buy (but these days mostly ebooks) and review. Will take a look at that group you mention..

  4. Your poem is like a riddle to me.. i didn’t get it for sure but something in it is so appealing to me that I ended up reading it again and again. Thank you for that experience. And I do submit my poems somewhere else but not too many today due to conflict to works. I wrote for poetry contest as well both locally & abroad. Sometimes I won & getting paid but mostly I lost but you know, it’s the experience that is more rewarding to me. Thank you for sharing your stories to me. I really appreciate them. Smiles.

  5. certainly a weird, crazy family. 🙂
    not easy to write (seems easy at first look , and anything but)
    i used to submit to online magazines, but have not done anything lately.

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