The Lost Founding Fathers

Is the American Idea dying?

Is the American Idea dying?

The United States of America— a democratic republic (not a democracy) where government was minimal, the right to bear arms was considered necessary both for killing bears and overthrowing tyrants, and where people were devout Christians but no one Christian denomination was official.

The American Idea was so profound that forward thinking foreigners flocked to the new nation to see how it was working out. It was a world wonder of the time.

Now the idea of a democratic republic is openly despised, the current president seems to believe in one-party rule, and the Supreme Court is performing the functions of Congress in making laws. Neither the words of the Founding Fathers nor the meanings the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote those words seems to matter. And religious persecution of Christians is becoming the norm, while those on the other side deny it’s persecution on account of their opinion that Christians are evil and deserve it.

But as long is there is one American mind that knows the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and who has read the writings of the Founding Fathers directly, instead of blindly accepting the distorted view of history taught in schools, the American Idea will never die. We will love it, fight to preserve it, and never let the idea die.

And some day far in the future, a green skinned creature will read of the American Idea, and with tears shining in his eyes will declare “I too am an American!”

Some books to read:

George Washington’s Farewell Address: 1796 Speech

Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Glenn Beck’s Common Sense

The Bulletproof George Washington by David Barton

America’s Godly Heritage by David Barton

One thought on “The Lost Founding Fathers

  1. *standingCheering* Oh, Hell YES!

    OutFreakinStanding Post.

    I wonder. Where did it all go? Did the current mindset of hating what America is start in the sixties? Or was it always here under a rock waiting for its moment in the limelight.

    I think what bothers me even more is some organizations that foment this vitriol toward our values don’t necessarily believe in their own cause. They use it to make money, asking for donations and loyalty.

    My goodness, I don’t get it. Why are people so ready to hate someone who has a different opinion. Discussions—rational and calm—change more minds than vitriol. IMHO, some people love to hate. It gives them a mean kind of thrill. Threats and name-calling follows and no one is the better for it.

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