Sredinom: Sing Along in Serbo-Croatian

When the going gets tough, the tough sing in Serbo-Croatian…..

Music makes me happy. Foreign languages make me happy. And I really like to combine my two loves….

The song on the video is Sredinom by Dino Merlin. The reason I even know about this song is that I have this software on my computer called Rarma Radio or Raima Radio where you can listen to foreign radio stations and record them. It can even split the recording into songs for most radio stations. Because I’m learning Serbo-Croatian language I started listening to some Serbian and Croatian radio stations. And one of the songs I recorded is Sredinom.

To find the lyrics of the song with English translation, go to There are also lyrics on the video, but the lyrics on the web page have all the proper accents on the letters.

I looked up the words of the song in my Serbo-Croatian dictionary. Here are some of my favorite words:

slovo = letter
riječ = word
daleko = far way (Doctor Who fans should like this.)
Beč = Vienna. Which in German is ‘Wien’. Wien bleibt Wien. Except when it’s Beč.
raskršću = crossroads
sredinom = in the middle
dolinom – from dolina = valley
pa šta bude = come what may
neka bude = let it be

Interested in the Serbo-Croatian languages? Here are resources:  has courses in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. Plus many other language including Esperanto. Free download, 100 short lessons. You can buy a book for the course or see the pages for free online. has free audio of the FSI courses with free PDF versions of the book. Many languages including Serbo-Croatian, and it’s free. Pimsleur is an all-audio language learning course that really helps you learn to speak the language with other people. They offer an introductory lesson for free, with a discount on the full course, which is about $100. Free audio New Testament in Croatian and/or Serbian. (It’s the same language, my Serbian friend tells me.)




2 thoughts on “Sredinom: Sing Along in Serbo-Croatian

  1. I have a recording of the song on a CD in my truck for when there is nothing good on the radio. I just drive down the country roads singing in Serbian and/or Croatian. And I wondered that about ‘Dalek’ as well.

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