Should Catholics mock Mormons?/Birth of a Novel blog tour

Joseph Smith, founder of the LDS (Mormon) church.

Joseph Smith, founder of the LDS (Mormon) church.

This post contains an update in the Birth of a Novel blog tour— update is at bottom of post.

Recently I was reading an advance copy of a new vampire novel by a Catholic author I know from Facebook. In the novel, the main character, a Catholic, mocks Mormons, a famous Mormon author, and calls Mormon missionaries ‘creepy’. I devoutly hope the author put this in the novel to illustrate that his main character has moral flaws, as we all do.

But I do know of Catholics that make fun of Mormons and don’t think they are doing anything wrong. Some also mock Evangelical Christians, while others treat Evangelicals with more respect.

When I think of this, here is what comes in to my mind. Can any Catholic out there imagine Pope Saint John Paul the Great writing a mocking comment on a Mormon believer’s blog? Would Saint Thérèse of Lisieux call Mormon missionaries ‘creepy’ in a discussion with the other Sisters at her convent? Would Blessed Jacinta Marto, youngest of the Fatima visionary children, share an anti-Mormon joke with the other Fatima children— or with the Blessed Mother during one of the visions? I just can’t picture it.

Since Mormons follow Jesus Christ and read the New Testament to learn of Him, they have the truth. Like Evangelical Christians, they don’t have the ‘fullness of truth’ that we Catholics believe that our Church has. But then, how many Catholics are there that don’t have the ‘fullness of truth’ because they reject Church teachings they don’t care for? Or because they can’t be bothered to read their Bible and their Catechism?

I admire my Mormon brothers and sisters in Christ. OK, I kind of hope that they will become Catholics some day, but that’s God’s job to enlighten them if they need that. In the meantime, I love them.

When I look for other writers who are Christ-followers, I don’t turn up my nose at any because they are Mormon or Evangelical or Quaker or Episcopalian. There is one Christ that we follow. And we are all under similar pressures to hide our faith when we write so that we can fit in with an increasingly Christ-hostile secular writing community.

I hope that if any Catholic reads this blog post, they will consider their behavior towards Mormons and see if they have been acting in the way Jesus Christ and the saints would want them to act. If you haven’t, the confessionals of Catholic churches around the world are open— go to Reconciliation.

My writers group on Facebook, Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers, is open to Catholics, Evangelicals, LDS, Orthodox, Protestants, Quakers and any other flavor of Jesus follower. Please consider joining!

I found the Joseph Smith picture at the Westward Expansion web site. 


Birth of a Novel blog hop

birth of a novel

Forward progress on my writing has been minimal. I HAVE worked up the courage to ask a friend to read the first draft of my short story ‘The Skin Shirt’. It takes place in a land where people change their skin color by buying a new ‘skin shirt’.

I need to work harder on making my writing a priority and working on it DAILY. I tend to be very disorganized due to my Asperger’s Syndrome and so have a problem with making writing a daily habit. But I’ve been able to make watching General Hospital a daily habit for decades! I need to work on this, with God’s help.

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We update on Fridays on how our writing life is going. We don’t have many people participating yet. So maybe what this blog hop really needs is YOU!

6 thoughts on “Should Catholics mock Mormons?/Birth of a Novel blog tour

  1. #Catholic people have nothing to mock #Mormons about.
    If they do mock the Momons, they do so in #Hypocrisy, because, the catholic so called church is overburdened with false teachings of it’s own.

  2. I loved both parts of your post. It’s so important that all different denominations of Christians stick together. We may have slightly different beliefs in a few areas, but in the end, as you said, we all follow the same Christ. The only one capable of judging us and helping us become better than we are.

    I’m glad you got some writing done today. None for me, but I did help tear down three walls in my newly acquired house. 🙂

  3. ‘SpookChristian’, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. Here are some clarifications about my blog post.

    Mocking Catholics or Evangelicals isn’t very kind, either. Followers of Jesus should be loving to one another no matter their church background.

    The Catholic Church teaches Purgatory because it follows the teachings of the COMPLETE Bible, including the Bible books which were included in the Septuagint and quoted from by Jesus and the Apostles but removed from the Protestant Bible after the Reformation, largely through the efforts of the British Bible Society.

    The Catholic Church forbids idolatry. However, just as in Old Testament times, holy images are not forbidden. God commanded the Children of Israel to make images of cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant, which was kept in the Holy of Holies!

    As for indulgences— most Protestants know only about the abuse of indulgences that then-Catholic-priest Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism, was complaining about. The Church never taught that you could buy an indulgence to get a loved one out of hell. People in hell stay there. An indulgence is actually a blessing the Church offers to Catholics for doing certain acts, such as saying certain prayers. A precondition of the blessing is that the person must be in a state of grace.

    If you are curious about what the Catholic Church really teaches, I can recommend any of the books by author Dave Armstrong. He is a former Protestant who converted to Catholicism and writes books on how the Catholic faith can be defended from the Bible. He has a blog at

  4. Thank you for your comments.
    You have just written the most twisted/ potted history that I always get from the roman catholics.
    Martin Luther did not start Protestantism.
    He was not the first Protestant, as there were protestant’s that existed long before him.
    I am thinking of the Waldenses,Cathars,Albigenses,e.t.c..
    i..e. all those that were murdered by the catholic so called church.

    I read of all these so called former protestants, that claim to now be catholics, were never Christian in the first place.
    NO True Christian, could ever accept the false teaching’s of the roman catholic so called church.
    I doubt if Mr Armstrong was ever genuinely Christian, If he was, why is he not convicted of sin??

    Your comments really just ‘ highlight ‘ how tragic it is, that so many people are led astray into false religious groups, and deceived into believing the lies, that you have expressed.

    Mr Armstrong, probably never believed the Bible in the first place, and by ‘ Bible ‘ I refer to the KJV /AV1611.

    I sincerely hope that you will search more carefully for the truth, regarding History, and sound Biblical teaching, and that you will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

    Please do not waste my time, with more of your comments..There is enough material on my blog, for you to look at, and on other blogs, that are indeed Christian, etc…

  5. You are not a ‘ brother ‘ Christian, and neither do I acknowledge you as a follower of Christ.
    You are obviously a follower after false teachings, and dogmas that run contrary to scripture.
    You need to repent mister.!!
    Get saved.

  6. Dear Spook ‘Christian’:
    I’m surprised that you take offense at my commenting one time on your blog when you comment three times on this one post.

    If you do not wish to inform yourself about what the Catholic Church really teaches, that is your right. But when you call yourself a Christian and are willing to risk bearing false witness against Catholics by your refusal to inform yourself, that saddens me.

    And I might also suggest it’s a bit rude to call a female blogger ‘mister’ and order her to ‘repent and get saved’ in that harsh manner. As a matter of fact, I have repented and continue to do so, and I have been saved by faith in Jesus Christ. If you claim to be the same— where is the love? I don’t see any love in what you are doing. Just anger.

    Please re-read the Sermon on the Mount before commenting on this blog again.

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