Does Evidence Matter in the Global Warming Hoax?

I’ve just read an interesting post over at author John C. Wright‘s blog. It states that according to the temperature data at the USHCN, the US is on a long-term cooling trend. While the recorded temperatures at NOAA show the required global-warming-supporting warming trend.

John C. Wright’s Journal: A Question about the Global Warming Hoax

Wright says: “The hoax was clear from the beginning for those with eyes to see when the same parties, in one case the same man, called for curtailing fossil fuels and modern industrial technology, bigger government and global government, in order to stop Global Cooling in the 1970s. “Opposite problem, same solution” is not the slogan of sanity.”

I don’t think that the evidence matters to the Global Warming pushers. They feel Global Warming is a great tool to force people to accept restrictions on their use of technology, bigger, more intrusive government, and population control— required use of contraception and abortion to hasten Earth’s population into a population shrinkage phase.

Using the fear generated by the Global Warming hoax, governments can do previously unthinkable things such as legalize abortion and same-sex marriage in heavily Catholic Ireland. Obama’s efforts to force Catholic institutions to defy the Church’s teaching on abortion and contraceptives, such as the attempt to destroy the charitable order Little Sisters of the Poor, are applauded by Global Warming true believers.

But the question is, how can America survive when we jettison the things that made America good? Once we were a haven for people fleeing religious persecution. Now our government is engaged in persecution itself. And if the mainstream news media does not report when a city threatened ministers with imprisonment for refusing to violate their faith, did it really happen?

But even people who obediently accept the Global Warming dogma sense what is going on. Writers of all points of view are coming out with dystopian novels, such as The Hunger Games. The zombie apocalypse theme is also wildly popular. This shows that even people who don’t really know what’s going on sense something.

I’m afraid that what is being sensed may be the death of Western Civilization, and the Christian-derived moral rules that made Western Civilization civilized in the modern sense of that word. And what can we do about that? Write!

Author Daniella Bova has written Tears of Paradox and its sequel, The Notice, which tells the story of a young Catholic married couple and how they fare in a society with bigger government and a government run health-care system that has population control as its major goal. I think it is well worth reading by authors and aspiring authors, because it shows what a skilled writer can do with some real-world events, extrapolated into the future.

Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke have written Agenda 21 and its sequel which tell of a society with all the personal freedoms of North Korea, all an extrapolation of a UN plan called Agenda 21. These books have extensive notes on real-world events which foreshadow events in the book. These books also are worth examining by writers.

But the most important thing that the modern writer must do, in my opinion, is keep an open mind. When people in authority demand that you become a true believer in Global Warming or be condemned for the heresy of being a climate change denier, don’t stifle your demand to see some evidence first. After all, if Global Warming were science and not a dogma, wouldn’t asking for evidence be considered the right thing to do? And wouldn’t tampering with the evidence to prove Global Warming be considered, well, WRONG?

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