Why ‘Healthcare’ isn’t a Right

Bernie Sanders, openly socialist candidate for president, has proclaimed that healthcare is a right. That shows a misunderstanding of the concept of rights.

If something is a natural/God-given right, people just naturally have that right until some government-type entity curtails it. Take freedom of speech. Now imagine a band of early humans. Those humans, to the extent they have language, just naturally are able to express their opinions freely. But at some point a bully-boy takes charge of the tribe. He may decide to punish the tribe members who express objections to Bully-Boy being tribe leader. Government— in the form of tribe leader Bully-Boy— has taken away part of the freedom of speech right the tribe members naturally had.

The same goes for freedom of religion. Before Bully-Boy came along, our tribe worshiped God by making offerings of grain and meat at a altar. But Bully-Boy’s number one follower has heard of a new kind of religion where the medicine man/priest leads a worship of Moloch that includes temple prostitution and human sacrifice of babies. Bully-Boy decides that Moloch-worship is the new official religion of the tribe. Everyone in the tribe must participate in Moloch-worship, and no other kind of worship is allowed. The natural freedom of religion has been taken away from the tribe by Bully-Boy’s government.

Now think for a moment about health care. It requires doctors and nurses, clinics and hospitals, and all sorts of machines to produce x-rays and CAT scans and assist in surgeries. All of these things cost money. No one has a natural right to get these  expensive services for free. SOMEONE has to pay for these things. And so health care is not a natural right.

To make health care over into a right, some big government entity has to exist that can compel these doctors and nurses to serve those who can’t pay the full cost. In Medicaid, government pays a reduced amount to get the very poor some medical care— but many medical practices don’t accept Medicaid patients because those reduced payments don’t cover enough of the cost.

Obamacare, by arranging something of a Gleichschaltung of those providing medical services, gets some medical facilities to accept more poor patients. The ultimate goal is a ‘single payer’ system, and under the principles that Obama seems to be promoting, no medical clinic or hospital likely will be able to refuse to give out abortion or abortifacient-contraceptive pills, to perform surgical abortions or gender-reassignment surgeries, and all must follow government rules whether those rules help the patients or not.

You can see that health care, rather than being a natural right, is limited to those who can pay the cost or find a helpful charity, at least until heavy-handed programs are put in place. And even then there is always some ‘better’ health care reserved for the elite— whether that’s the much-advertised ‘Cancer Treatment of America’ centers, or the Soviet Union’s special clinics for high party leadership only.

So don’t let anyone fool you when they offer you new ‘rights’ that are not natural rights. SOMEONE will have to pay for these new government-provided rights. It will probably be YOU.

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