Knights of Columbus: Heroes of the Zombie Apocalypse

KofCI’m working on plot ideas for my zombie apocalypse book, and I have been having some good ideas. For example, my main character is now a girl adopted by a lesbian couple after her real parents went to prison for praying the rosary in front of an abortion clinic. She ran away and became homeless when a stepbrother tried to molest her and the people she told were angry at her for criticizing his ‘natural’ desires.

My secondary ‘hero’, a young man with Down’s Syndrome who is a respected poet, is now on the road with his grandfather, a Lutheran pastor. Some degree of conflict between the pastor and the main character, who is Catholic.

For some time I came up with the idea that before the zombie apocalypse started, the pope had to flee to the US because of persecution. I now have him living in northern Wisconsin in a log cabin which he shares with the president. The pope uses a band of Mormon missionaries as couriers, as when he has to send out a letter to the bishops that are to be read in all Catholic parishes. (The Mormons helpfully offer to take copies to the Mormon bishops as well.)

But my best idea is that the Knights of Columbus are transformed by the crisis into real knights, who patrol the roads of their community, fighting zombies and rescuing travelers. I wonder if I can find some real Knights of Columbus who are also Walking Dead fans who can get me up to speed on what the KofC do in the real world.

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