Saint Therese Doll from Kiczek Family

theresedollHave you ever gone into the doll department and seen the dolls they offer little girls? It’s like they are encouraging them to grow up to be hookers. Here is a doll that’s an antidote to that.

The Saint Therese doll is produced by the Kiczek family, a Catholic family that ‘works for the Kingdom of God by bringing others to Jesus’.

The Saint Therese doll comes with a little book telling of the life of Saint Therese. The book and doll set is $100. Yes, a lot more than the latest Barbie-in-hooker-clothes. But it’s such a lovely and faith-affirming doll and many parents and grandparents who have the money might wish to consider the doll as a Christmas present.

The Kiczek family needs to sell $100 of the dolls before manufacture can begin. Currently they have sold 6. If you cannot help them out by buying a doll, perhaps you could help the project by spreading the word, as I am doing. If you just share this blog post on Twitter and Facebook— or the Dolls from Heaven page, or both— that will help.

Find out more about the Therese Doll at the Dolls from Heaven page:

Don’t know much about Saint Therese? She was born in 1873 and lived a life devoted to God. She became a Carmelite nun at an earlier-than-normal age. Her sisters also became nuns. When she became ill, her older sister, who was also in the convent, asked Therese to write about her life. What Therese wrote became the book Story of a Soul, which described Therese’s ‘Little Way’ of serving God through doing small things with devotion. Her book became very popular. Therese died at the age of 24.

St Therese of Lisieux – Catholic Online

Saint Therese, “The Little Flower”

Therese of Lisieux – Wikipedia

While the life of Saint Therese is mostly known to Catholics, other Christians can also be inspired by this woman who lived a short life but spent it serving God and teaching others that they did not need to do great things like become a foreign missionary to live their life for the Lord.




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