Trump: Great for Women’s Health?

TrumpPresidential candidate Donald Trump clarified his policy on ‘women’s health’. He says he would be great for woman’s health. OK, maybe he hasn’t had time to put together a comprehensive plan. Or a sketchy plan.

The problem is that ‘women’s health’ in US political discourse is most often a code for abortion and abortion-causing ‘contraceptives’. Perhaps he is too new to being prolife to be aware of that.

Here are some things I’d like to hear from Trump on ‘women’s health’.

  • He should question why women’s health is a different issue from men’s health and children’s health. Isn’t that discriminatory? Shouldn’t ‘women’s health’ be covered in the same way as health care in general?
  • He should point out that if health care hadn’t been nationalized through Obamacare, most women could have choices about their health care coverage.
  • He should read up on Planned Parenthood so he will realize that this is a scandal-plagued organization that is all about abortion and advocacy for abortion. They also seem to encourage teen sex— even teen kinky sex— rather than take the common-sense approach of encouraging teens to NOT have sex.
  • He should be willing to defund ALL of Planned Parenthood so that poor women can get their health care from a full-service clinic not an abortion mill.
  • He should apologize for criticizing Jeb Bush for his controversial remark (or verbal miscue) on women’s health. Trump may not be aware of it, but he’s said a controversial thing or two himself.

Since Trump is not Hillary Clinton or the other socialist candidate, Sanders, he is certainly worth taking a look at. But in interviews and the debate his ideas seem so sketchy. He needs to be prepared to flesh these ideas out enough so that his many supporters can feel more confident that he really has a plan.

I believe part of the problem is that when confronted with an uncomfortable question, he tends to either ramble on with not-quite-related subjects, or blame the person that gave the question for being unfair. Trump must realize that campaigning for president guarantees that no one will be fair. That’s the name of the game and even candidates favored by the media can at a moment’s notice be shot down. And questions tend to run from the unfair to the absolutely vicious. Remember that debate when the anti-death-penalty candidate was asked what position he would take on that issue if his wife were raped and murdered? Since the man answered the question about his political position instead of breaking down and crying at the idea of a murdered wife, he was declared a big debate loser.

I believe Trump has brought a new excitement to the presidential race. But if he doesn’t get his act together, it will be one of his many rivals who will benefit from that excitement.

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