Antimatter Blogs: Sometimes the Cheapest Author Page is Best

This is the first post in the series “Antimatter Blogs: How to Make your Blog Explode.”

I’ve been working on my old Blogger blog today, and I learned something important that all author-bloggers need to consider: sometimes the cheapskate solution is the best.

You see, I’ve been making a blogroll on the Blogger blog out of a list of Catholic authors over at the Catholic Writers Guild blog. And this is what I’ve discovered: the authors who do what some recommend and pay for a web site with embedded blog with their own custom URL (www.[writer’s name].com) are more difficult to add to a blogroll. One couldn’t be added at all!

While the authors who used a free blog for their web page from Blogger or could be added to a blogroll effortlessly.

Now, the blogging world has changed in the years since I’ve been blogging and maybe you think that blogrolls aren’t as important. But if you still have a small/minor blog with not-enough visitors and few comments, getting added to some blogger’s blogroll is an excellent thing. You want this. It means that someone likes your blog enough to share it with their blog readers. From time to time it will give you a new blog visitor who may become a regular reader of your blog.

Another problem with the paid-for author website is that so many are static. Some writers actually have to contact a webmaster to change anything on their web site other than the author blog. So the web site sits there, getting more and more out of date, and those who encounter the web site by chance quickly note it seems abandoned and don’t stay to read it.

So— drop the pricey advice and don’t buy an expensive web page with a personalized URL that isn’t going to be working for you. Have a plain old Blogger or free blog as your author web site. Most readers won’t even notice, and those that do won’t hold it against you.

What kind of blog do you have? How much traffic are you getting on the blog? Do you prefer, Blogger or some other blog host?

Antimatter Blogs: How to Make your Blog Explode is connected to my personal efforts to learn the secrets of having a popular blog with a significant number of readers. What I learn, I will share with you. I am also going to set up a Linky list for followers of the Antimatter Blog series, perhaps with a monthly blog hop. To add your blog to the Linky list, go here:



One thought on “Antimatter Blogs: Sometimes the Cheapest Author Page is Best

  1. I agree with you completely. My favorite word is “free.” lol Have a great week, and thanks for joining the Celebrate the Small Things hop! 🙂

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