Blog Posts Must Be Written In The Morning

Another thing to hate about mornings. It’s when you should write your daily blog post. I’ve known this for some time. I read an article on the most effective times of day to post on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Morning is good.

But yesterday, looking for new blogs to comment on, I found Write to Done’s post, Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2015. I commented on a few last night. And this morning I thought to add them to a blogroll in the sidebar of my archive blog, Antimatter Life & Lina Lamont. And I discovered something.

Even though I started doing this before 7 in the morning, most of the bloggers on the list had already made a post on their blog today. These are the top writing blogs, people! These writers know something about making their blogs popular enough to garner many readers.

Wait! you may be saying. Morning is when I do my writing! It’s the best time for me! True. A writer must write every day, and morning is the ideal time for most of us. BUT— we ALSO need to get our daily blog post up at the right time. Perhaps you need to get up an hour earlier to get both the blogging and the novel-writing done.

Or you can cheat. You can write your blog post the night before and schedule it to post first thing in the morning. You can also write a few blog comments, especially on smaller blogs that don’t garner many comments. They will be glad of your comments in the morning when they read them. And if they know the importance of comments to their blog’s success, they will go visit your blog to comment upon it.

So— have you written your daily blog post today? Have you syndicated it to Facebook and Twitter? Have you done a little blog reading-and-commenting to give your blog post a good send-off?

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3 thoughts on “Blog Posts Must Be Written In The Morning

  1. I am a huge fan of pre-scheduling blog posts, even when I fall off of the regular blogging wagon occasionally, lol. And I usually catch up on my subscriptions while I eat my breakfast, so yes, everything gets done early in the morning!

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