One Reason Why ‘Gun Control’ Can’t Prevent Mass Killings

Some years ago I bought a gun magazine. In it there was an article on how to make a black-powder pistol. The writer of the article said something on the lines of ‘we have all made black powder rifles in our home workshops, but did you know you could make a black-powder pistol as well?’

So as soon as some ‘gun control’ law makes every single gun in the world magically disappear, the hunters and rugged individualists will go into their home workshops and get to work. In twelve hours there will be guns in the hands of these people.

In a week the criminals will be aware of this possibility and will set up gun-making workshops to arm themselves first, and then to sell guns on the black market.

People such as the shooter in Virginia yesterday, if they cannot figure out how to make their own gun, will have the option of getting a black market gun, or buying, borrowing or stealing one from a hunter of their acquaintance. They will also have the option of killing with knives, crossbows or chainsaws.

It’s the people who are not hunters or criminals who will be defenseless. I’d hate to be a domestic violence victim with no option for effective self-defense against a strong and violent ex-spouse. And when the ex-spouse kills her with his bare hands, the gun controllers will say, “She can’t be that dead, it wasn’t gun violence.”

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