IWSG: Why Is There Just One ‘First Thing in the Morning?’

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Some days I think we need more than one ‘first thing in the morning.’ Because one just doesn’t cut it for me.

First thing in the morning is the best time for me to write poetry, so some days I do that. But since people don’t much read my poetry (even when the poetry e-book is free at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/480237 ), sometimes I work on my prose writing. First thing in the morning is also the best time for that. Recently I actually completed a bit of prose, which is rare for me, by tapping in to the power of first thing in the morning. You can read the next-to-final draft of the story here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/nissa-annakindt-poet-aspie-cat-person/the-skin-shirt-a-short-story-thats-not-about-race/449762488528479

But first thing in the morning is also essential for other things. When I have gone off my ketogenic/low-carb diet and am having difficulty getting back on, I need to read inspirational bits from one of my ketogenic diet books, and perhaps discover a good low-carb recipe to try out. If I do that first thing in the morning, I am more likely to have a successful day.

First thing in the morning is also a good time to handle essential paperwork, or to get my bill paying chore over with. I don’t handle these things well— just ask my gas company— and so doing it first thing in the morning is best.

First thing in the morning is also the right time to tackle a big project around my house, either indoors or outdoors. Like a couple of days ago when I got serious about hauling some manure out of the barn to make a better living area for my 9 year old mama goat and her two out-of-season newborns.

First thing in the morning is also the right time to write blog posts. My writing energy is at its peak and morning-posted blog posts are more likely to get read.

It’s also a great time to attend to spiritual needs. To get in there and read my daily readings from the Bible and Catechism, and to pray a rosary or two. On Wednesday mornings I can even tap into the power of mornings to make it to the daily Mass before I go to the Legion of Mary meeting.

Some days, though, my first thing in the morning is taken up with things I didn’t plan for. Like Sunday morning when I got up early, looked out the window, and noticed that my sheep had escaped. Rounding them up, I noticed that my elderly female goat had given birth so I had to get her set up in a private location. (My goat seems to do her best work in the evening, when she must have jumped the fence— perhaps while already in labor— led the sheep to escape with her, and got into the barn through a door left open for the free-ranging ducks and turkey, where she had her babies.)

So sometimes I get frustrated. I’d really like to get my writing done first thing in the morning every day. But there are so many other things that also need the first thing in the morning treatment. We really need more than ONE first thing every  morning.

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4 thoughts on “IWSG: Why Is There Just One ‘First Thing in the Morning?’

  1. Perhaps like the Hobbits’ 2nd Breakfast and Lunch, right? 🙂 Sometimes life insists on having its own way. Perhaps first thing after lunch might do for writing? Emily Dickinson was largely unread in her lifetime, but her poetry still lives on today. Take heart.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that I write and publish for the love of it and meager wage. Most of my earnings come from ghostwriting. I give up worrying about how many people are reading my words. It’s too depressing, what with the ever-increasing competition. Best of luck.


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