No, we do NOT know Islam and the Quran. But we can learn.

QuranIn the wake of the Paris attacks, a lot of folks are floating about online telling us what the Quran really says that proves all Muslims support terror, want to impose scary Sharia law on the US, and so on. And they sometimes put out quotes (or alleged quotes) from the Quran to back up their opinion.

I can understand that people are scared. But we who are followers of Jesus Christ need to avoid falling into the trap of the online fake Islam experts. We should be following Matt. 7:12: ‘Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” Or, in the short form: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” [Golden Rule in 21 World Religions]

If you are a Christian, consider this. Imagine that someone were to quote Jesus in Matt. 10:34 {Think not that I am come to send peace on Earth: I came not to send  peace but a sword.} as proof that Christians are all violence, hate peace, and always want war with the non-Christian world.

Any Christian who has studied both the Bible itself seriously and also read Bible commentaries and other helps by sound Bible scholars knows that you can’t just take verses out of the written context, and you also need to know the history context of the book, and also understand things about the text in its original language.

It’s the same thing with the Quran and any other ancient book. You can’t understand it by just reading a few inflammatory texts out of context. We don’t want our Bible judged by people who haven’t studied it enough to understand it; we shouldn’t, because of Jesus’ command in the Golden Rule, judge the Quran or anything else without the proper study.

For any Muslims that might be reading these words: these are scary times for you as they are for us. If you are on Facebook and have non-Muslim friends there, you may have read a lot of things that accuse you and all Muslims of being a supporter of the terrorist attacks, and you may be worried about your fellow Muslim believers who are refugees from Syria who are now going to have more difficulty being accepted into some country where they will be safe. Know that there are many Christians out there that will never blame you for some terrorist attack just because you are a Muslim, and who care about you.

For the rest of us: let’s start learning some real facts about Islam and the Quran. I myself have purchase an annotated Quran [] so that I can study it. I’ve also found a web site with articles called and am reading the articles. I don’t know who put up the site or how representative it is of other Muslims, but it’s a place to start learning. I am making a serious, prayerful commitment to learn more about the faith of Muslims, that I may pass on accurate information on this blog and elsewhere.



Quran quote for today:

Yunus (Jonah) Verses 96 – 103 Forced conversion is prohibited

“There are many for whom the love of this world has sealed their hearts and eyes.  They cannot see the signs in front of their faces.  They will not believe.  No town ever saw the scourge then believed and it profited them except for the people of Jonah.  When they believed the punishment was removed, and they had enjoyment, for a time.  If God had so willed all the people on the earth would have believed.  Prophet Muhammad is asked if he would compel the people, against their will to believe.  Belief comes only by the will of God and He disgraces those who will not use their common sense.  Tell the people to see the signs in the heavens and the earth but no signs will convince those who will not believe.  God asks the question, “What are they waiting for?” In the end God will save the messengers and the believers, that is God’s way and He says that it is only right that He saves those who believe.”


One thought on “No, we do NOT know Islam and the Quran. But we can learn.

  1. Great post! Thank you very much for your tolerance and logic in the face of so much bigotry and ignorance in the world.

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