Why we must raise the voting age to 27.

Voting. It’s not a joke. The congressmen and president we pick make the difference between losing even more Constitutional rights or regaining some of the ones we’ve lost. And because voting is such an important thing, we shouldn’t leave it to children. Even overage children.

Let’s think back to the year 1904, for example. Most kids didn’t go on to high school back then. They left school at eighth grade graduation (or before) and got jobs. Serious jobs. Ones they knew they might be doing the rest of their lives. And they didn’t use their pay as ‘mad money’ but used it to support themselves and their families. By the time they got to vote for the first time at age 21, they had been a part of the adult world for a number of years.

And now, we have eternal children who go to dumbed-down colleges and universities for years in the hope that they will get out and be handed a job as one of the bosses, with no hard work involved. They take out massive student loans that they plan to pay back with fantasy money from their fantasy job.

These eternal children may have held jobs, but those jobs were just to pay for their little luxuries— their cars, their bar visits, their smartphones. If they live at home, they don’t pay for their rent, board and free laundry service. They take it as something owed them.

They pick a college major based on what pleases them, not on what could get them a job. And as for their educational level— most of them cannot write a hate-comment on a conservative FB page that has correct spelling and grammar.

The government has begun to acknowledge the fact of prolonged childhood in its laws. One law regarded children up to 27 as children as far as being a dependent on mommy or daddy’s health insurance. Another law extended childhood up to 30.

Now, why should we regard these eternal children as grownups when they have not yet become accustomed to the real world of work and self-support? We see the result in the young stupids who know nothing of the political issues of the day, but voted for Obama because ‘he’s da MAN!’

We need more adult voters. And so it is time to raise the voting age to 27. I know, to compare to the 1904 experience we should raise it even higher, say 35, to insure that even the late bloomers get a taste of real life before getting in the voting booth, but that would be too unfair to those young people with a premature sense of adult responsibility who started adult life earlier instead of drifting through college life, majoring in binge drinking.

If voting began at 27, young people would have more years to start to question the indoctrination they got from their teachers the way they have been ordered to question their religion (if Christian or Jewish) and the wisdom of the US Constitution. They would perhaps even learn to question some of their less-reliable information sources, such as Left-wing political comedy shows.

Even if raising the voting age to 27 only resulted in a 10% reduction in no-information voters, that would translate into politicians having to have more than popular sound-bites and slogans. They would have to look into having a bit of substance. And we could certainly use more of that.

2 thoughts on “Why we must raise the voting age to 27.

  1. Calling in via the Celebration blog linky 🙂 Very thought provoking, Nissa and I can see where some of your arguments are coming from. However, as both my children are now above the age of 18 and are legally allowed to vote here in the UK I have also witnessed their enthusiasm and debate about politics and the future they want and because of their youth they actively go out to do something about it – so why shouldn’t they have this right at this age? Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  2. I don’t know the political situation in the UK but in the US young ignorant just-18s were bused from their schools to the polling places, perhaps because the teachers’ unions felt they would vote for Obama. We are getting SUCH bad election results from ignorant voters, and some in the US want even younger kids voting. I’m not sure I’m serious about raising the voting age all the way to 27 but I do think that we need to look at how much more real-world experience the youngest voters used to have.

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