March for Life 2016, fighting the evils of abortion & euthanasia

The March for Life is on today, and I’m watching the coverage on EWTN, the Catholic television channel. And it’s sad that so many people will refuse to watch the March and find out what the March is about. So many people don’t even know that the ‘Roe’ from the Roe v. Wade decision is now prolife. They don’t know how many young people like Lila Rose have become prolife advocates. And they don’t know about the Black Genocide— the fact that nearly 1 out of every 2 Black babies conceived dies by abortion.

I was not always prolife. During my youthful Marxist phase I was feminist and pro-abortion. From my childhood to my college years I had been prolife, and could not conceive of thinking any other way. My ‘conversion’ was not caused by discovering new facts about abortion and about when biological human life begins. It came because I was embracing a new way of political thinking, and abortion was a required part of being a Marxist and a feminist. The root cause of all these changes in my thinking was based more on being mad at God for not being what I wanted God to be, and in part because I had realized I had a gay sexual orientation and thought I would be an outcast from any Christian church that was worth joining.

I later discovered how false that is. When I joined the Catholic church I told people I was gay, and though I was already living a chaste life I didn’t expect to become ‘ex-gay’. No one said I couldn’t join the church. Some said kind things like ‘you are so brave!’ That isn’t entirely true, but you sure need a good dose of courage to be ‘out’ as a chaste, conservative and Catholic gay woman. Left-wingers would have eaten me alive if I had let them.

I think the most important thing to remember on the day of the March for Life is that we who are prolife cherish all life— even the lives of people who defend abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. We don’t hate women who have had abortions, since many post-abortive women are now cherished members of the prolife movement. We can be civil even to those of our fellow humans who earn a living as abortionist. We pray for them, and for the day when they repent and go to their first March for Life.

The feminist/proabortion movement can’t attain that level of civility, but we can’t really expect that. When you have decided that some human beings— those in the womb– can legally be killed, you can’t be expected to place as high a value on civil behavior. I respect the feminists right to their extreme opinions. But I won’t be a part of what they believe any more, which is why I am a Woman Against Feminism. (Angry feminists, please feel free to express your rage in the comments. Remembering to keep it clean or it won’t get published.)

Questions: Have you ever been to a March for Life? Or done any other prolife activity? What was it like?

Poem of the Day

I’m starting this blog feature appending poems to blog posts by offending everyone: I am sharing one of my own poems first, and it is a prolife poem decrying forced abortion and governmental control of childbearing in China. The poem used to be called ‘one child policy’, now, due to a change in China’s policy, the title has changed.

two child policy

while they are waiting
for the poison shot
chinese women sit together
and talk of small things

*there are beetles among my squash plants.*
*i need new knitting patterns.*

Nissa Annakindt 2013 – sijo (a Korean poetic form, similar to haiku)

To learn more about sijo poetry:


4 thoughts on “March for Life 2016, fighting the evils of abortion & euthanasia

  1. Thank you! Wonderful post 🙂 I went to the March for Life twice ~ It was a great experience. There were so many young people, high schoolers and everyone was happy to stand for life. There were numerous priest and religious, who led crowds in praying the Rosary. And there were countless women who had abortions & testified to how much they suffered afterward, from a PTSD style condition. Also, many men attend. They regret that their children were lost to this scourge.

  2. Great that you got to go to March for Life. I went to a local protest in Menominee, MI and froze my butt off. Thought of going to the one this year but my cat Julianne had to go in for emergency surgery that day.

  3. Here in San Francisco, there is the March for Life West Coast these past few years. One of the banners reads “Women Deserve Better Than Abortion”. I wish they would alter this to read: “Women and their unborn children deserve better than abortion.” Just a thought.

  4. A good sentiment. But fewer words are better in banners and slogans, and I believe this banner may be meant to communicate some truth to those pro-choice people who are entrenched in their views that an unborn child is nothing, and only the woman matters in the matter of abortion.

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