A is for (Zombie) Apocalypse

Ever notice there is never a zombie exterminator around when you need one?

Ever notice there is never a zombie exterminator around when you need one?

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A is for apocalypse. Which can mean ‘an unveiling’, or be the name of the last book of the New Testament, or it can refer to the Christian end times. Or, it can mean there are undead guys roaming your backyard and you have to find the crossbow before the chickens get eaten.

Why is the zombie apocalypse, as in The Walking Dead, so popular? My theory is it is because many of us have seen the signs and know that it’s quite likely that human society as we know it will collapse during our lifetime. Only if you talk about your actual concerns— fiat currency, terrorists hiding among refugees, college students who demand to be protected from the knowledge that some people vote for a different candidate than they do— that’s not politically correct. And that can cost you your job, home, business, family and/or survival supplies. So: let’s pretend we are prepping to fight zombies, instead.

So: zombie apocalypse. It may not entirely make me forget about the priest who got crucified on Easter (supposedly), but at least when Daryl gets murdered by Dwight I don’t have to worry that I’m next, or fret that I am running low on crossbow bolts.

Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator by Karina Fabian. Funny, smart, and full of zombies, order it so you have something to cheer you up in the wake of this Sunday’s Walking Dead episode.


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