Steve McQueen: Wanted Dead or Alive

WantedDeadorAliveOn the Encore Westerns channel one of the best series they are currently running is Wanted Dead or Alive starring Steve McQueen. McQueen is a particular favorite of mine, I have watched him in The Great Escape over and over again. I particularly love to watch the motorcycle chase scenes, having heard that McQueen put on a Nazi costume and did at least some of the shots of the Nazi chasing him.

No motorcycles on Wanted Dead or Alive, though. Just a horse named Ringo and a Winchester model 1892 cut-down carbine that’s a bit peculiar in a series set in the 1870s.

McQueen plays bounty hunter Josh Randall in the series. Most bounty hunters are unsavory characters, but Josh isn’t like that, frequently giving all or part of his bounty money to someone in need, or finding missing husbands, sons or fathers, once a missing pet sheep.

McQueen had to stage a car accident to get time off from the series to film The Magnificent Seven. They weren’t so accommodating to actors back then.

If you enjoy Westerns, or you just want some high quality, non-obscene television to share with the kids or grandkids, this is a good show to try. It’s also available on DVD.

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