A look at the July/Aug Writer’s Digest ~ Celebrate


This is a post in the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop. If you don’t know what Celebrate is, go here: http://lexacain.blogspot.com/2015/01/celebrate-small-things.html

I subscribe to Writer’s Digest. Why, when it costs money and I have so little? It’s because I see myself as a professional poet and writer, and reading a magazine about my profession is, well, professional.

This month’s issue was exciting for me because it gave the winners of the 2015 WD Poetry Awards. The winning poem, ‘Inheritance,’ was a dreadful villanelle about the author’s mother’s mastectomy bra. But the shock-feminism probably put the poem ahead of those with more literary value. Because being a SJW (social justice warrior aka left-wing fanatic) trumps things like talent.

I thought of entering a poem of mine in this year’s WD poetry contest. Though my poems rarely have mastectomy bras in them so I probably can’t win. Though I have just the poem in mind for the contest, it’s called ‘Christ in the city’ and it’s got a woman in it who can fold tortillas into cranes (the bird kind not the heavy machinery kind.)

More important for me would be to get out another poetry submission to Scifaikuest, which published a haiku of mine in February. And perhaps another to Chiron Review which published one of mine not too long ago. Since I am planning a book on how to write poetry, I think I need more poetry publication credits that are not from the late 1980s.


I have a number of things to celebrate for this week’s blog hop. Number one, duckings! Arsenic, a lady duck of mine, was found sitting on a nest full of eggs. I needed to move her and ducks stop setting if you move them. So I popped the 10 eggs in the incubator and yesterday they hatched out— all 10! This NEVER happens. I guess mama ducks are better for hatching eggs than incubators are.

Another celebration is that I am back writing poetry again after a couple of months of not doing it. I’m even going to submit some poems to Scifaikuest  later today. I was looking through my files and saw a few that might be just the thing for them. So, everybody, wish me luck on that!

Also celebrating that I’m making a batch of bone broth today— it takes 48 hours in the slow cooker but is well worth it. And it’s inspiring me to do a major cleanup of my cluttered kitchen because I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the bone broth!

So, what are you celebrating this week?


2 thoughts on “A look at the July/Aug Writer’s Digest ~ Celebrate

  1. Anything artistic is in the eye of the beholder. And it’s pretty well known that the “mainstream” stuff sells lots while literary efforts just sit on the shelves. Yay for your ducklings! They must be adorable. Post some pics if you have a chance so I can see the cute little things! Good luck with your haiku submission and never stop writing poetry!

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