7 reasons to organize your writing area


Yes, that’s a kitten in the chair.

Does your writing space look like a garbage truck blew up nearby? Do you shrug it off and say all creative people are like that? Or blame it on your autism spectrum disorder or ADHD? Well, there are some good reasons you ought to consider a cleanup.

  1. A cluttered writing space makes it harder to get a writing session started. When you have to move things around just to have your chair clear enough to sit on without squishing the cat, you are more likely to procrastinate.
  2. A cluttered writing space slows you down. You have to dig through your paper pile to find important notes with things like your villain’s full name or what type of McGuffin he’s trying to steal. This adds to your frustration level, so you cut the writing session short.
  3.  A cluttered writing space wastes time. Things fall from the paper pile and you have to pick them up. Or you have to chase the cat away to keep her off your clutter.
  4. A cluttered writing space is depressing. It makes it hard to be happy about the writing you are doing. It makes you remember all the criticism you had as a child over your messy room or sloppy handwriting.
  5. A cluttered writing space can be a health hazard. Especially if you make a habit of eating in that space. When everything in that space is dusty, dirty, and attracts mice, it is NOT good for you.
  6. Losing an important paper due to clutter can kill a writing project, at least for a time. I had a space opera going once and I figured out the absolute perfect system of futuristic military ranks for my space force. Then I lost the paper. I was put off the project for years.
  7. A cluttered writing area is an embarrassment in front of your friends and family. It doesn’t look like a professional space where you can actually get work done. It can harm something very essential to you— your image of yourself as a serious and professional writer/poet.

As you can see from the photo above, it’s high time for me to start decluttering. More important, I need to develop systems and rituals that will help me KEEP my writing area less of a federal disaster area.

Cleanup starts tomorrow. I will be blogging about my efforts. Do YOU have a writing space bogged down with clutter? Come clean along with me.

Blog post:
Positive Writer: Clear the Clutter to Overcome Writer’s Block


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