Revamping author blog

This kitten's name is Little Stranger since his birth mother abandoned him and he was raised by another mother cat who had 5 tortoiseshell kittens (all girls). Little Stranger is now a grown up tomcat.

You may have noted some blog changes around here. That’s because I’ve been doing some heavy-duty research on book marketing since it is high time for me to come out with a new poetry chapbook and I want it to sell many times better than the previous one, surly petunia

The theme I decided to organize around it ‘Writers with Asperger Syndrome or autism.’ I didn’t decide on this because of any in depth market research. I picked it because I recently discovered/rediscovered that three of my author friends that I thought were neurotypicals (‘normal’) actually had autism spectrum disorders. And yet I had a government ‘expert’ tell me that no people with autism were creative in any way so therefore none of us could be writers.

My goal is to help writers with Aspergers/autism. And in this way have a theme around which to build useful content for my blog. Because, as I’ve read, the way to build a blog that gets visited is to have a lot of content that people can actually use.

One blog change that you may find annoying is that I’ve added a pop-up to ask people to sign up for my brand new newsletter which is coming out this month for the first time and will have exclusive content. Pop-ups annoy me too. But the experts all say it’s the best way to build up a mailing list which is the best way to sell more books. (I will recommend the book in question in my first newsletter— it has loads of other helpful tips as well— so you might want to sign up just to get that recommendation, you can unsubscribe anytime.)

I think that writers who do NOT have Aspergers or autism will also find this blog helpful since writers in general deal with many of the same issues that are of particular concern to Asperger writers. And I will continue to write about some of my other topics such as ketogenic diets— my ‘excuse’ is that I am focusing on the benefit of keto for people with autism spectrum disorders.

Want to help me build up this blog?

If you are on Twitter, please click this ‘click to tweet’ link and tweet out a message about this blog. If I can get only 5 or 10 of my loyal and very supportive blog readers to do this, it will be a big help.

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My Twitter acct is: New followers always welcome.



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