WordPress vs Blogger: Blogger’s blogrolls are better

Blogger-logoI started out blogging on Blogger way before blogging was a common thing. I had a blog named Moreover the Dog went with Them, which had an Esperanto-language twin, Kaj la hundo iris kun ili. Later I ditched Moreover and had a blog called The Lina Lamont Fan Club which I used for years.

Then Blogger got too pushy about trying to force me on to Google+ and so I decided to start a WordPress blog as an experiment. I liked some of the features and certainly liked the way I could syndicate my blog posts onto Facebook and Twitter directly instead of having to go through Networked Blogs. And since Networked Blogs is no longer a free service and I have NOT as yet found a free alternative that works like Networked Blogs did, I pretty much HAVE to stay on WordPress.

One of the two main things I miss about Blogger blogs is the blogrolls. My Blogger blogs always had lots of blogrolls. Each could be set to display only the five most recently updated blogs, and would give the title of the most recent blog post. Which was very handy. I could read blogs and comment on them and didn’t end up looking at blogs that hadn’t been updated for six months.

If you are a blogger, blog reading and blog commenting should be a major part of your life. That’s how other bloggers find your blog. Some bloggers have started out with a tiny blog with no traffic and turned into mega-bloggers through daily reading and comment writing on dozens of blogs. (I’m lucky to manage 3-5 comments a day.)

A while back I created a blog on Blogger that held the archives of my Lina Lamont blog, and I started adding blogrolls just to make it easier for me to read blogs.  I’m revamping it to be a public blog about reading and interacting with blogs, so am adding blogs to the blogrolls often, and will be adding new blogrolls. (One will be for people who participate in some of the blog hops that I do.)

The blog is currently called Lina Lamont Blogrolls & Archive, which is an awkward name that will likely be changed soon— suggestions on the new name are welcome. I invite all of the readers of this blog to click on the link and visit my other blog to look at the blogrolls there. Maybe you will find some blogs you like to read there!

If you are a regular reader of this blog and you want to be added to a blogroll there, write a comment and tell me which blogroll your blog should be in and why. If there is no appropriate blogroll yet, feel free to suggest a new one. Or I can put you in a generic blogroll when I start one.

Questions: do you blog with WordPress, Blogger or something else? If you have used both WordPress and Blogger, which do you prefer and why? And what method do you use to read blogs?

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