Give me this day my daily Jimmy Moore podcast


Jimmy Moore, ketogenic diet podcaster

Right now my number one priority in my writing life is getting back on a strict ketogenic (low-carb) diet. Because I just am not able to write when my health is very bad.

My ketogenic diet changes me from a person with chronic fatigue— to the point I have to sit down and rest after the exertion of getting dressed in the morning— to a person with energy. It controls my blood sugar without drugs. It makes me less depressed and more optimistic. And it helps me with some of the issues from my autism spectrum disorder.

But when I’m off the diet, I’m hungry and also have cravings for carb foods. And I don’t have any energy for making healthy meals, so the bad diet and low energy, high blood sugar and depression goes on and on and on….

I need to get back my enthusiasm for eating healthy in order to do ANYTHING. And so I’ve resolved to begin my day by listening to a ketogenic diet podcast. And luckily there are some very good ones available from Jimmy Moore, a well-known ketogenic diet advocate who used to weigh 410 pounds.

Listening to the podcasts gives me enthusiasm for sticking to my diet. This morning after listening to one of Jimmy Moore’s podcasts, I got out my ketogenic diet recipe book and made some low-carb/ketogenic bread. It’s about .4 gram of carb per slice. I used it to make a sloppy joe sandwich for lunch just now. It was very good!

There’s another good effect to listening to a podcast. Jimmy Moore’s podcasts run about an hour. I listen using an mp3 player and so I can do household chores during that time. I got a whole batch of clothes folded and put away, and started a load of laundry, while listening to Jimmy Moore.

I feel that I have no choice but to establish better dietary habits as my #1 priority right now. Listening to the podcast first thing in the morning means I can’t do my writing first thing in the morning, or my blogging. But I’m keeping the podcast as first priority. Because it’s much harder to write when you are dead, or deathly ill, from illnesses which can be helped by ketogenic diets.

Jimmy Moore’s podcasts can be found at his blog, here:
He has fresh podcasts Monday-Friday with many interesting guests, many of them doctors, nutritionists or researchers.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show, only it’s on the internet.

How do you listen to a podcast?

You go to the website that hosts or links to the podcast— like the Jimmy Moore blog listed above. On Jimmy’s blog, each post that is about a podcast gives you several options for listening. Click on the one marked ‘download.’ It will take you to another page where the podcast is playing. You can listen to the podcast on your computer.

If you have an mp3 player, you can right-click on the podcast-playing graphic and it will give you the option to ‘save audio as.’ I have a folder in my ‘music’ folder called ‘Jimmy Moore podcasts.’ That’s where I download to. From there I can put the podcast onto my mp3 player.

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