Celebrate: Mama Cat Consubstantial 1

0825161400aFirst thing to get out of the way: yes, I do have not only one, but two, cats named Consubstantial. Originally one Consubstantial had a different name but since it’s so hard to tell the two apart, they somehow both became Consubstantial. Consubstantial 1, in the picture, used to be the friendlier one. But now Consubstantial 2 is also mostly friendly. Except yesterday when she slapped her own kitten for standing too close to her.

The Consubstantials, often called Connies for short, are both barn cats and both have kittens this year. And so both are living in the house so the kittens get socialized. But Connie 1 has been having some problems. She got very scrawny nursing kittens this year— perhaps because Connie 2 and another barn cat, Charybdis, had kittens about the same time and everyone’s nursing one another’s kittens.

Connie 1 also has been having ‘digestive issues’ but otherwise seemed healthy. Until a couple of nights ago when a noise woke me up, and I discovered Connie 1 was having a seizure. When it was over, she slept for a while and then jumped in my lap for attention which she never does.

We weren’t able to discover why Connie 1 had the seizure but my guess is possible dehydration, since she’s nursing a lot of kittens and her ‘digestive issues’ are playing a part. I tried feeding her some yogurt. She likes it but it hasn’t fixed the ‘issues.’ So after doing a little research I decided to give her one of my probiotic pills, crushed up. After the first time her ‘issues’ improved, so I am optimistic that she will continue to get better.

Connie 1 nursing kittens. Not her own kittens.

Connie 1 nursing kittens. Not her own kittens.

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8 thoughts on “Celebrate: Mama Cat Consubstantial 1

  1. How cute to have so many kittens! We have five barn kittens right now. The parents, unfortunately, both died this summer (too many predators in the surrounding woods), but at least the kittens made it through. May yours grow well and the mama be fat again soon.
    Oh, and if you really want to use that saw to cut branches, head back to read the reply to your comment on my blog because there are some tips and things to watch out for which might help. Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m so glad you’ve gotten some medicine into Connie 1. Dehydration is insidious and unexpectedly damaging – take that from someone who passed out several times and got anemia during her first summer in Egypt. Good luck with momma cats and kittens!

  3. I hope your cat gets better. We just found out our older kitty has a hyper thyroid which is making him lose weight. We will soon start him on an ear cream to hopefully fix the problem.

  4. I guess giving them the same name is efficient. 😀 Such a sweet photo of Connie nursing kittens that are not her own. Animals are wonderful that way. Hope she feels better.

  5. Tamara, my parents had a cat with an overactive thyroid when he was twelve. Take heart! He lived another six years with thyroid suppressants. He might have lived longer, but he developed throat cancer.

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