5 Ways to Improve your Blog Post Titles & Get More Readers

If you are using your blog to help build your author platform, one thing that can mean success or failure is blog post titles. Doing it right attracts readers. Doing it wrong fails to do so. Here are some things that can help you improve your blog post titles.

  1. Place your blog post titles in the title form— above the place where you type in the post itself.  This may seem obvious, but I’ve seen a few blogs where the blogger puts nothing in the blog title spot. Some put the title on the top line of the post body, others don’t use a title at all. In the internet world, your blog title is an essential way to getting your post found in search engines and in shares of your post by your readers.  Don’t do this. Put a title in the title spot.
  2. Weak titles do little good. If you use ‘Book Release’ as a title when you announce your book’s release, you won’t attract as many readers as if you use something more interesting that relates to the book’s content. Like “Zombie Eats US President!!!” That might bring in readers. And if your book is zombie fiction and the US president is in fact eaten by zombies during the course of the story, you might even make a sale.
  3. Titles with numbers in it are good for how-to blog posts. Such as “5 Easy Ways to Stop Your Cats from Mating in the Living Room” or “7 Methods to Build a Zombie-Proof Retirement Portfolio.” For some reason people are more interested when you use numbers.
  4. Make sure your title matches your post. If your title is “Zombies Invade Banat, MI” and your post is all about finding a good book cover artist, you will just anger readers. If your post includes more that one topic, the title must match the biggest topic. If you are writing about how to use Scrivener to make an ebook, and you put in a line at the end about how your older cat and her daughter both had 6 kittens on the same day, the title shouldn’t be about the cats.
  5. Research to find more good methods of coming up with good blog post titles. I’ve read the blogs Copyblogger and Problogger to pick up tips. These sites often research what works and what doesn’t, and so they will have the latest trends in blog post titling.

Even if you are having one of those weeks when you feel everything on your blog is junk, try tweaking your next blog post title. It can make a lot of difference.  Have you written any great blog post titles lately? Share in a comment— and provide a link to the post in question.

I’ve been tending my old blog posts lately, making sure they have the correct categories and tags, checking to see if the content needs updating and such. Even the oldest posts can attract a new reader every now and then. Here’s a post I updated and I’m hoping to write a follow-up post soon.

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