OJ Simpson interrupts soap operas once again

OJ Simpson’s done it again— not the double-homicide which he got away with in spite of the blood trail that led to his house, but the other awful thing he’s done—- interrupting soap operas.

His trial caused my soaps to be interrupted so regularly that I think they never got their viewership back— which is why 2 of them were cancelled a few years back. And the other day my sole surviving soap, General Hospital, had a massively exciting episode featuring the kidnapping of a kid— only we had to watch OJ Simpson lying at his parole hearing instead.

I AM interested in the OJ case. I feel sad for the fact that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman had their lives cut short, and that their families never got to see the killer convicted. I feel horrible that Nicole Brown Simpson’s children had to be raised by their mother’s killer.

I even feel compassion for OJ. He’s a sinner like the rest of us. But I can’t help but think he’d be better off if he had told the truth.

Imagine if OJ, the second he got done with the murders, had experienced a moment of clarity. Imagine if he had run into Nicole’s house and called the police, announcing he had just killed his ex-wife and a friend of hers in a moment of madness, and he had kept proclaiming his guilt even when lawyers wanted him to try an insanity plea.

The crime would have been considered a crime of passion. There is a long history of men who catch their wives with a lover getting no jail time for killing the pair of them. Confessing immediately would have played into that. He might have been able to plead to some lesser sort of homicide and done very little jail time.

He would probably have lost custody of his kids, at least during his imprisonment. But that would have been good for the kids. It must be scary to have as your sole parent the dad that murdered your mom.

OJ would have lost a civil wrongful death case, as he did in reality. But with a criminal conviction there would have been little attention paid. And having owned up to his guilt OJ would not have been able to justify holding back his possessions from the Goldman family.

So— at the time of the robbery, OJ’s debt to the families of his victims would have been long paid off. None of OJ’s personal possessions would have been in the hands of memorabilia dealers, so he would not have gone to jail for nine years. His jail time for the crime-of-passion killings would be long over.

And right now, today, OJ would probably been looking back on years of gainful employment after the killing. No one would be yelling ‘murderer’ at him on the streets because he himself had acknowledged his guilt and paid the price. Even Fred and Kim Goldman would be close to being able to forgive by now, though they could never forget.

I kind of think that’s part of what the Bible means about the truth setting you free.


I think it would be a good thing for all of us who have followed the OJ case to take a moment to pray for all involved. Even OJ Simpson.


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