Celebrate the Small Stuff: minor characters

Fiction authors all want us to identify with the main characters. But we don’t all do that. When I read Harry Potter I identified with characters like Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. And Snape. I always thought Snape was misunderstood and not the bad guy Harry assumed he was.

Every character in a book is possibly a character that a reader will like the best. And that’s why great authors spend time on smaller characters as well the big ones. Sometimes a well-thought-out secondary character is what makes a book unforgettable.

I have always picked secondary characters to latch on to in fiction. Melanie in Gone with the Wind, for example. She was such a good and loving person. Scarlett needed someone like that in her life.

And then there was Valentine in the Ender books by Orson Scott Card. Not quite good enough for Battle School. And then her little brother Ender was chosen, so she spend her childhood with the brother she hated instead of the brother she loved. Her life turned out to be more about Ender than it was about herself. And Ender normally had bigger things to deal with than his sister.

Sometimes we get lucky and an author writes a book about a minor character we like. I love Bean in Ender’s Game, and then Orson Scott Card wrote some books that told Bean’s story.

Have you ever liked a minor character as much or more than a main character in a work of fiction?

This has been a post in Lexa Cain’s Celebrate the Small Things blog hop. Lexa has been ill and not able to participate for a while but others on the list have been doing it every week anyway. Visit Lexa Cain’s blog to see the posts— her Celebrate the Small Things participants are in her sidebar under a couple of other blog lists— scroll down. http://lexacain.blogspot.com/

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