WW: A Sci-Fi military must know that it’s the military

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The one thing your fictional Sci-fi military must do is know that it is the military. None of this crap they put out in the recent Star Trek movies ‘I thought we were explorers.’ What did you think the Enterprise’s phasers and photon torpedoes were there for? What about those military ranks? And the fact that disobeying an order can result in a courtmartial, not just getting fired as in the civilian world?

Star Trek is stupid on these points because it’s a brilliant idea ruled over by whiny Leftists. You can’t expect better from them. That’s why I didn’t bother to watch more than a few minutes of ‘Star Trek Discovery.’ I knew it would suck and it did. So I spend my time seeing if Ice-T could solve the murders of Tupac and Biggie. (I think he needed help from Mariska Hargitay.)

A military uses force for the common good of society. Yes, they kill people. And that’s sad. But when you have an enemy army pouring over your nation’s borders, you need to kill some people to stop it. Probably most of the people you kill will be nice people who are only doing what their government tells them to. But if you don’t want your nation ruled by a Stalin or a Hitler, you will need to get your hands dirty.

A police force also uses force for the common good. Sometimes good police officers shoot and kill a dangerous looking person that turns out to be young, or unarmed. But the problem is that you can’t always tell if that dangerous or defiant guy is young or reaching for a stick of gum instead of a gun. What would happen if officers failed to stop a dangerous-looking guy who went on to kill 10 school kids?

In my WIP Tiberius Base, there is a Fleet which was once answered to the Terran Council. Only the Terran Council disbanded years ago. The Fleet goes on, protecting Terran worlds and doing a little trading on the side to fund themselves. Because they now no longer receive funding from the taxpayers as they once did.

The space city Tiberius Base is owned by Fortunate Dragon Company, which is a part of the Interplanetary People’s Republic. The IPR has a political/economic policy called Alliterism, which has a bad reputation on many worlds. So Fortunate Dragon hires the Fleet to provide people to operate the Base’s weapons, and some to function as a local police force. This requires them to create laws that are a sort of hybrid of what the IPR wants and what the Fleet will stand for.

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5 thoughts on “WW: A Sci-Fi military must know that it’s the military

  1. Yeah, Star Trek Discovery was… disappointing. And I think no matter how good it MIGHT have been, they’re still shooting themselves in the foot by hiding it behind a subscription.

    Your Fleet sounds interesting – I wonder what sort of conflicts will arise from potential conflict-of-interest between clients and people who just need aid? A lot of potential there for plots…

  2. The Fleet actually predates the rest of the story— I invented it for starship stories which began as a sort of Star Trek fanfic.

    As for Star Trek Discovery— I wonder if they know that rural people who can only get satellite internet can’t watch internet TV much? Of course if they do know I’m pretty sure they don’t care. We are only the least important people from the flyover states.

  3. I haven’t seen the episode yet, and I’m not a fan of preachy stories.
    I remember a military guy saying something along the lines that the Star Trek military stuff wasn’t accurate for the US military since they’re more disciplined than that, but it might fly if it was a non-US military since some other militaries behave differently and can be more lax. (In situations where there has been relative peace for long periods, this could be the case since a breakdown in military structure won’t be likely to get anyone killed if there’s no war.)
    In my own stories, I plan to have a group that has no command structure due to being pacifist anarchists. They get ticked off enough to start fighting, and are absolutely lethal due to their species and hunting abilities. They’re quickly able to kick invaders off their planet, but the second they try to invade another planet, they lose momentum because they’re unable to follow a chain of command.

  4. You could have a society with no courts, prisons, police or military if the people all behaved themselves and looked out for one another’s interest instead of their own. That would be boring for a novel though–unless it was a foil. A perfect Heavenly utopia while all the action took place in a Hellish dystopia that was its polar opposite.

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