Getting bullied over the hashtag #womenagainstfeminism


OK, maybe I’m just weird. But I hate being expected to be a feminist and love feminism just because I have female genitals. I mean, are guys expected to be ‘masculinists’ and vote for male candidates when they hate those candidates’ policies? Unfair!

On Twitter, I used the #womenagainstfeminism hashtag once, and boy did that unleash the trolls. One woman roared that women like me ought not be allowed to vote. Sorry, I’m going to keep my vote– and I thought feminists were in favor of votes for women. But maybe they want to limit that to FEMINIST women— so women will not have equality unless they support the full feminist bill of goods, including abortion and including biological males calling themselves ‘transgender’ and being allowed to compete in women’s sports. (If ‘transgender’ men can’t compete with other men in sports, maybe they should have a sports classification for themselves. Because some biological women want to have women’s sports for some reason.)

I don’t understand people like that. If I disagree with people on Twitter I usually ignore them or unfollow them. Once in a great while I do express an opinion, but I try to be polite. Except when I’m dealing with a bullying ‘athiest’ I do correct spelling!

If you are on Twitter and you want attention, do try the hashtag #womenagainstfeminism . It ticks off all the right (Left?) people!

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I do intend to use that ‘forbidden’ hashtag more often. Because of the ‘speaking truth to power’ thing. And because I no longer care if I get banned from Twitter.

One thought on “Getting bullied over the hashtag #womenagainstfeminism

  1. I do consider myself a feminist, but I definitely hear you on this. That’s why we have free speech and freedom of expression. I hate how polarized where we’ve become, where you have to declare a camp and sign up for the whole bill of goods. I’m not sure if I agree with what you say about trans woman participating in sports as a woman, but that is an interesting point. Maybe because I don’t know much about sports or biology I don’t really have an opinion. In order to form an opinion, I’d need more information – and that could be an interesting discussion. But is it okay if I say, I’m not going to take a side? I feel like sometimes to hold my feminist card (or my liberal card – or whatever label) I have to automatically agree with the whole thing without question. And that is scary. Like 1984 scary.

    I am pro-choice in a Roe v. Wade balancing test sense, but it’s only after a LOT of thought, including time in a seminary-type environment. Even when I was pro-life I was still very much a feminist. And I’m not totally sold on pro-choice either. There’s a bigger discussion that needs to be had, I think, in terms of eugenics and population control and other Really Bad things like that. In terms of choice vs. informed choice and even cultural conditioning.

    Not simple. Not all just one thing or the other. At all. And it is scary and really bad when we try to reduce these complex subjects to hot-button “sides.”

    For the record, I think of feminism as simply meaning women should be treated as equals as human beings, even if we are different in some ways. That’s why I wouldn’t give up that label, but I think it’s interesting what you’re doing here, deconstructing the concept maybe. Very thought-provoking!

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