Writers write, Authors market

Recently I’ve been reading a book about how to be a successful author. It was pointed out that writers write books. But authors market the books they write. Not just half hearted, lame techniques like posting a book promo in a Facebook group that allows no book promos.

We need to learn more about book marketing. Sometimes that means reading an e-book by someone who regards book writing as a way to make money. Making a little money won’t kill your writing career. And the people who sell a lot of books may know a bit more about marketing than we do.

I have purchased a few books on marketing and I am hoping to put some of what I’ve learned into effect.

One book I have is ‘How To Make A Living with your Writing ‘ by Joanna Penn. I suggest you get that book or something like that , and read until you get just one idea you can use right now.

Then carry the idea out. Extra point if you share what you did in a comment on this blog!

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