How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?

bloggingWhether you have an author blog, a topical blog or a personal blog, the question comes to mind— how long should a blog post be? Is 2000 words too short? Is 300 words too long? What should we be aiming for?

The internet reader isn’t looking for a long read, for the most part. Not only do they want a brief article rather than an epic, they like white spaces and subheadings to make it seem less dense and scary.

Too short is not good, either. Search engines ignore blog posts of less than 300 words. We need that search engine traffic, so make 300 words your minimum.

In the book ‘How to Blog a Book’ by Nina Amir, she suggests individual blog posts of 300 to 500 words. A blog post of 700 words, she suggests, might be better split in two, giving you two days of blog posts.

Of course, these blog posts should be concise and to the point. Wordy posts need to be edited to make them more concise. Let your reader feel they are getting something of value in exchange for their reading time. That’s how you build relationships with your readers that can make them into regular blog readers or buyers of your books.

There is one exception to the 300-500 word post rule. That is for Evergreen posts. An evergreen post is one that covers a topic more thoroughly than a shorter post can. It is called ‘evergreen’ because if you do it well, new readers will keep discovering the post for years to come. An evergreen post can be over 1000 words and still get readers, provided it is concise rather than wordy, and gives good information.

Your blog can do with an evergreen post or two, but the meat of your blogging work will be 300-500 word posts, posted regularly and shared on social media.

Currently I am still in a rehab center as a result of a small stroke, and blogging using my Kindle instead of my home computer. Which is difficult. I will be coming home next Wednesday.


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