Deniers or Heretics? #lchf #health

JimmyMooreJust discovered that my favorite health podcaster, Jimmy Moore, has been added to a list of ‘cholesterol deniers.’ Along with other respected names like Dr Jason Fung, Gary Taubes, and Tim Noakes.

I guess this is the latest in pseudoscience. When the research doesn’t come out the way you like, turn it into a dogma and go to war against the heretics. Who you have to call ‘deniers’ if you want your dogma to sound like a sciency dogma.

Actual science doesn’t work like that. Science doesn’t have dogmas. We are welcome to question any scientific idea, theory or law. The ideas that win are the ones with the most proven facts on their side.

Of course, individual scientists are only human. They can hang on to a pet theory for years after research has failed to come out with the evidence they hoped for.

That’s how the flawed cholesterol-heart hypothesis became current medical dogma. Read Gary Taubes’ book ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ to understand how that happened, and how, in the United States, government played a role in the adoption of the flawed theory and the ignoring of facts.

I guess I am just a little prejudiced on this topic. Learning some true science from the works of Dr Robert Atkins, Dr Jason Fung, Jimmy Moore, Dana Carpendar and others helped me control my T2 diabetes without drugs and lose over 60 lbs. The approved dietary dogmas, on the other hand, are what helped me gain the extra weight and get the diabetes. They never got me anything but hunger and guilt.

In our current culture, arguers love to use the word ‘science’ to silence an opponent, but few even know about the scientific method, let alone use it. But we need to start questioning those pseudoscientific dogmas in our head. Why do people think that? What was their evidence for starting to think that way? Are there other theories with more evidence? Are there studies that need to be conducted to find more facts?

Science is a wonderful tool, though it cannot do everything. But pseudoscience, especially the kind that calls all dissenters, ‘deniers’, cannot do anything but lead you astray.

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