Watch Out For this Common Sugary Kids’ Drink

I heard a TV report on the health dangers of giving kids sugary drinks. But what is one of the things they recommend instead? Another dangerous, high-carb sugary drink: fruit juice.

Think about this. Many parents are mislead into thinking a big glass of fruit juice is something healthy for a young child. But a big glass of juice contains the sugars 4 or so oranges. With the pulp and fiber removed. Could you get a young child to eat 4 oranges at a sitting? Most can’t finish even one!

Doctors in the know about low-carb nutrition often warn their patients about the hazards of fruit consumption. It is not a ‘free food’ that you can consume in any quantity.

Juices are particularly dangerous. An insulin-dependent diabetic is often advised to drink juice to bring up low blood sugar quick. If your blood sugar is too high anyway, why do you want it to get even higher quickly?

Medical reports say children in the US are suffering more obesity, which leads to the development of Type 2 diabetes in children. These things are a result of excess carbohydrate consumption. Switching from sodas to juices and ‘juice drinks’ does not help. Carbohydrate consumption and processed food consumption need to go down.

Many families are learning more about nutrition and feeding their kids less carbs through a low-carb, me to or Paleo diet. This is more natural for humans than the fast-food and soda diet so many families refuse to question.

What should kids be drinking? Skim milk and chocolate milk are right out. Healthy whole milk must be rationed, rather than allowed in unlimited amounts. Milk substitutes commonly available— soy, almond, even the ‘coconut milk’ that doesn’t come in cans— usually have added sugar.

Children can learn to drink water— home filtered or distilled water, not flavored water bought in stores. Older kids can learn to drink plain tea or black coffee (decaf). Children should learn that you don’t have to consume carbs or calories to get hydrated!

Make a low-carb/ketogenic bread substitute

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