KetogenicLife: The 6 Lamb Chop Man

Back in the good old days when the ketogenic diet was called ‘low-carb’ or ‘Atkins,’ the nay-sayers were convinced that low-carb didn’t work. They were fanatics about the (already disproven) calorie theory, and so they felt that if anyone lost any weight on low-carb, it was because they were eating less calories.

Dr. Robert Atkins, in ‘Doctor Atkins’ Diet Revolution’ (1972) tried to show that was not so. He gave several examples of people who ate quite a lot of calories on Atkins, but few carbs, and lost weight.

In the chapter ‘You Will Never Feel a Hunger Pang,’ in that first Atkins book, we read the story of Marc Eletz. Marc ate a lot. He ate enough for four people, and when asked why, he said “Because if I ate enough for three people, I’d still be hungry.”

On Atkins, Marc ate only two meals a day. Supper was the big meal for him. He ate large quantities of meat. One typical meal was six lamb chops with salad. Others were 7 frankfurters with sauerkraut, or two dozen spareribs, steak, cheese and salad. And he lost 100 pounds on that diet.

Another heavy-eating example from the Atkins books ate 4 pounds of meat a day— which would be about 5000 calories a day. Since a strict weight loss diet might be 1000 or 1200 calories a day, he should have gained weight. Instead, he lost 50 pounds.

Now, with all the vegetarian/vegan misinformation floating around these days, I’m sure many people won’t even try to eat the meat quantities these men did while on keto. Maybe if they switch to carnivore for a while…. The thing is, though, meat is what humans eat, and meat heals.

One reason the Atkins diet worked for so many people was that if you had eaten all your carbs for the day, there was still a lot you could eat in the form of meat. You never had to sit around hungry, knowing you had to wait to eat until the next day. I am not sure if the new vegetarian form of keto will have the same benefits, because there ARE no zero carb vegetarian foods. So you probably remain hungry on that keto diet.

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