Should Your Author Blog be a Genre Blog?

So you have an author blog…. Maybe you are not even quite a published author yet. Maybe you started your blog to get a head start on that platform-building thing. But what do you blog about right now, when you don’t have any current book news of your own to crow about?

You might do a mitzvah for your new/just-starting-out writer friends by mentioning their stuff. That’s the right thing to do and it is kind, but just as there are not droves of readers panting for news about your upcoming book yet, other new writers have the same situation.

The solution for many is making a blog that is at least partly a genre blog. If you write Christian romance, you can review the most popular Christian romance books, interview the authors perhaps, talk about what is going on in that genre and subgenre, and build a platform that is right for your own books as well.

The same goes if you write atheist Westerns or cozy mysteries or ‘Young Adult’ dystopian novels. If you have nothing new to say about your own writing at the moment, put your own spin on the rest of the genre. Some people even create a multi-authored genre blog which will serve to help promote all the authors’ works (assuming someone involved in the project can actually get all of the authors involved to post regularly.)

One thing to watch out for— if your take on your own genre is largely negative, a genre blog is not right for you. I have encountered would-be authors of Christian fiction who proclaim that ALL Christian fiction is bad— too ‘edgy’ or not edgy enough, too preachy or not preachy enough, or just plain boring and tame. But if they had a blog and ran their genre down that way, they may convince their readers to give up on ALL Christian fiction, even that written by the blogger!

You need to have a mostly positive view of your genre. You can be against some works in your genre— I hate science fiction works where the story takes second place to collecting politically correct diversity points— but if you don’t have a lot of positive stuff to say about a genre, don’t think you can blog about it and win an audience.

Genre blogs are one choice for you when you have an author blog and are not quite sure what to do about it. Blogging frequently is important if you want to win new readers for your blog; genre blogging can help you build up a readership that is likely to enjoy your actual books when they come out. It’s not the only possible choice, though, so if you have something that works for you, stick with it.

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2 thoughts on “Should Your Author Blog be a Genre Blog?

  1. This is all really good advice. I like the idea of having a genre blog. I think ultimately I’m just not disciplined enough to stick to one niche. I jump around from critiquing the romance genre to critiquing feminism to explaining what incels and femcels are to praising all the fantasy books I love. I’m like a book/gender studies/reddit/internet culture/fantasy blog. But that’s probably why my growth across all platforms remains stagnant 😛 I guess I’d just rather have fun with it though, and back when I was following advice to have a very focused niche, I really wasn’t having fun with it.

  2. Jyvurentropy, I jump around a lot too in blogging, as you can see, though I’ve hived off a couple of topics to other blogs. Otherwise I would be posting stuff in Esperanto on this blog. (And now I want to write a post in Esperanto on this blog to see who notices.) I checked out your blog and plan to add it to my Bloglovin’ list because it is just too good to miss out on.

    I believe it’s possible to have a reasonably focussed blog and still go off-topic once in a while, or else relate the off-topic post back to your main topic in some way, magically making it on-topic. Mind you, I’m probably not going to actually DO that all the time.

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