AspieLife: We’re All In This…. 6 Feet Apart

No, we are not all in this together. Social distancing means we are not together. Some of us *Aspies are cut off from other people more than ever before. We may not be big on receiving hugs and handshakes, but when we can’t get those gestures of human contact we miss them and fear we are condemned to being alone forever. I mean, even more than usual.

If we have good jobs we may have to ‘work from home.’ And fear that our employers will discover that they don’t need us so much after all. We may be required to participate in video conferences— say we have the kind of internet service that allows us to do that. What if you can’t handle that kind of thing? What if it makes you feel weird and awkward and like you are on stage and about to make a major mistake?

If you have a low-level menial job— perhaps in spite of a high educational level— you might be considered ‘essential’ and have to go to work and take risks even if you are a person at high risk of getting a serious case of the Wuhan virus. Or perhaps you are not lucky enough to be employed by an ‘essential’ business like liquor stores, marijuana shops, or abortion mills, and you are out of work, with bills to pay and fears of eventual homelessness.

Depression is a common *comorbidity with Asperger Syndrome. And depression symptoms shouldn’t be ignored— depression is a serious disease, like Ebola. If you had Ebola, you wouldn’t take a bubble bath to see if that made you feel better, or worry that people would think you were weak for asking for medical help. You’d just go to a doctor at once. The same rule should apply if you have depression symptoms. Maybe you can’t get in to see your therapist in person, but maybe you can do that ‘telemedicine’ thing. And for goodness sake, if you are currently on an antidepressant don’t get so depressed you quit taking them! 

I am trying to make a point of having some human contact every day using the internet. I’m on MeWe (and also on Facebook which I hate, but my family members are all there and FB is the only way I have contact with any of them.) I’m working every day on my MeWe, making sure to post something daily and ‘like’ some stuff friends have posted. (MeWe is cool because you can ‘like’ posts with a wide variety of emojis, including a fleet of cat emojis with different facial expressions.)

I try not to listen to news crap broadcasts that talk about the ‘new normal’ because being cut off from other people is not MY idea of a normal. At least not one that human beings find livable. Social isolation is called cruel when we put the worst criminals in isolation in a supermax prison. But I guess some people think it’s OK for the rest of us? But let’s be strong, be tough, and find a way through this we can live with.

Greetings from at least 6 feet away,

Nissa Annakindt

* Aspies = persons with Asperger Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder

*comorbidity = some other damn thing that’s wrong with you


Come with me if you want to live! To MeWe, a great alternative to FB and the rest of the exploiting pack.

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