Books I’ve Reviewed

Book reviews are a reader’s way of saying ‘I love you’ to a writer. They are especially important for out-of-mainstream writers— poets, indie writers, conservative, libertarian, Christian, Evangelical, Catholic, Lutheran, LDS and Anglican writers, and, of course many Aspie/autistic writers. These are the reviews I’ve written in more or less chronological order, newest to the top.

Finn, Declan – Honor at Stake – fantasy, vampire, Catholic author, holy water
Armstrong, Dave – Proving the Catholic Faith is Biblical – non-fiction, theology, apologetics
Mirtika – Voices from the Void: A Science Fiction Short Story – science fiction, Evangelical author
Park, Linda Sue – Tap Dancing on the Roof: Sijo (Poems) – poetry, sijo, children, Korea
Bova, Daniella – The Notice – dystopian, near-future, Catholic author
Fabian, Karina – Greater Treasures: A DragonEye Novella – fantasy, novella, dragon, Catholic author
Bova, Daniella – Tears of Paradox – dystopian, near-future, Catholic author
Finn, Declan – A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller – thriller, Catholic author, Vatican, explosions
Murray, Teresa – Attitude to Gratitude – poetry, Down Syndrome poet. (Lulu link.)